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Everything You Need To Know About Shopify Development Store

by orangemantra
Shopify development stores

If you are planning to use an eCommerce platform like Shopify, you may have come across the term Shopify development stores. It is the most integral part of Shopify app development and theme creation. However, to create a development store there are many things to take care of, and in this blog, we will discuss them all.   

Our Shopify plus developers have tried to cover everything you need to know about Shopify development stores. So, let’s get started.   

What is a Shopify Development Store?  

A Shopify development store account offers development partners the ability to install and test new store themes and apps. It can also be shown to prospective clients as an example of your work, and they can also help create a Shopify store for clients and sign them up for Shopify.   

Also, Shopify partners can help create an unlimited number of development stores. It is free to create and helps users enjoy almost all the features of an advanced Shopify support account with a few key exceptions. However, there are a few restrictions to the development store accounts:  

  • You cannot process orders using an active payment provider (However, Shopify does provide a bogus gateway used for testing purposes)  
  • You cannot create more than ten private Shopify apps  
  • You cannot eliminate the password page  
  • You cannot install paid Shopify apps (however there are a few Shopify partner apps that may allow you to install them on your development store)   

In simple words, a Shopify development store is basically an advanced Shopify account ready to be used as a testing ground. However, these accounts are crucial in many ways.   

Why are Shopify development stores crucial?  

Development stores offer developers the power to test their apps and theme creations while showing their work to potential customers as their portfolio. Shopify store setup makes it easy to create Shopify websites for clients.   

You can create a Shopify website for the client you want to refer to as a development store. When the project finishes, you can transfer the ownership of the development store to your client. Now, the clients can choose which Shopify plan they wish to select for the business.   

Also, these accounts are perfect for showcasing your work and attracting new clients. Often hiring a good developer becomes a challenging task for organizations. With these accounts, they can view the developer’s projects and measure their project management skills, creativity, and custom Shopify apps you can build.  

How to create a Shopify development store?  

To create a development store, sign up for a Shopify Partner account. It simply requires you to enter your information, goals, or goals as a Shopify Partner, and confirm your email address. Once your account and email address get confirmed, start creating your development stores.  

Now, you own a Shopify Partner account and can access your “Stores” page. On this page, click the button “Add Store,” which will give you three options: Choose the one that says development store. The final steps to creating a development store include setting a password, URL, and store purpose.  

As mentioned earlier, Shopify Partners can create an unlimited number of development stores. It gives you the flexibility to build Shopify stores for the clients, work on creating Shopify themes and apps, or give you the space to play around and teach new developers your troubleshooting skills.   


Shopify is one of the best eCommerce solutions for businesses. The development store feature offers developers a great way to create apps and themes that help make Shopify better and showcase your developer’s skills to other clients.  

If you are looking for a great Shopify website, we are here to help. Our Shopify developer have all the experience and technical expertise, so get in touch with our experts, and they shall help you get the best Shopify development store.   

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