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Everything To Know About Using Vitamin E For Your Skin

by dorothygracious70
Vitamin E For Your Skin

Did you know that Vitamin E can help improve your skin conditions drastically? We bet you didn’t. A group of fat-soluble vitamins helps protect and treat our skin’s various conditions and improve our skin quality and health. It is found in Vitamin E for skin oils or various skincare products like gels, creams, and lotions. And the best part? They are affordable and are easily available too!

Wish to know how beneficial they are and how you can use them? Then read on as we discuss these aspects and more! Let’s get started. 

Benefits Of Vitamin E For Your Skin 

The benefits of Vitamin E for skin come from its two main features – its moisturizing properties and its antioxidant properties. The latter can help free our skin from the effects of free radicals and help fight inflammation. Now let us dive into detail into the various benefits of vitamins. 

  • Helps In Nail Growth

Vitamin E helps in nail growth. Dermatologists think that consuming Vitamin E supplements can help prevent yellow nail syndrome. Instead, it causes yellowing, cracked, and peeling nails. 

  • Prevents Sunburn

Several studies have concluded that Vitamin E for skin benefits include the reduction and prevention of sunburns from forming. In addition, its moisturizing abilities help relieve the itching and burning that occurs due to sunburn. However, we also suggest that along with applying Vitamin E oil or consuming Vitamin E supplements, you should wear sunscreen and avoid direct sun exposure to better protect your skin. 

  • Prevents Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Several dermatologists have suggested that their aging patients can take the help of VItamin E supplements and oil to help treat their wrinkles and fine lines. While the vitamin does not directly help in the prevention, it helps to moisturize our skin, preventing wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Treats Psoriasis

Yes, other tried and tested treatments happen to solve Psoriasis. However, studies have found out that Vitamin E helps treat the symptoms of the disease. So if you are unwilling to go through the huge treatment and its expenses, or you are wary of prescribed drugs or have very mild symptoms, you can easily take the help of Vitamin E oil or supplements.

  • Treats Eczema

Vitamin E is also known to eradicate flaking, itching, and dryness often caused by dermatitis and eczema. In addition, several studies have shown that Vitamin E helps our skin fight against eczema, reduce its symptoms, and significantly improve one’s condition.

  • Reduces Skin Itching 

Vitamin E cannot directly treat any allergies, infections, or other problems that can cause skin itching. But since it moisturizes our skin, it can help relieve us from the constant itching by preventing any dryness. 

  • Helps In Prevention Of Skin Cancer

Several studies have been conducted over the years that show that Vitamin E can help to prevent skin cancer. But these studies have only been conducted on mice. When subjected to a huge amount of UV rays after being given VItamin E oils, these mice show the very little risk of skin cancer. While studies on humans have not been conducted yet, scientists are hopeful that they will see similar results. 

  • Helps to Heal Wounds

Several studies have shown that Vitamin E can help heal one’s wounds. However, while these studies are sure that VItamin E supplements have these properties, they are still inconclusive about whether Vitamin E oils have the same effects.

  • Minimizes and Prevents Scars

Studies are still being conducted on whether Vitamin E can minimize and prevent scars on our bodies. While most scientists are convinced that it does indeed help to treat scars, more evidence is required.

  • Moisturizes Our Skin 

Lastly, thanks to the moisturizing properties of the vitamin, it is often to improve one’s dry skin. For example, if you have extremely flaky, dry skin, you can use VItamin E moisturizer to help you treat it. 

How You Can Use Vitamin E For Skin Care  

Now that you know how beneficial Vitamin E can be for your skin, here’s how you can use it. Firstly, you can use Vitamin E oils, cream, lotion, or moisturizer. Alternatively, you can use VItamin E supplements easily available in supermarkets and online stores.

Now, make sure to test out the Vitamin E products you use on your skin. Apply them to a small area and wait for any reaction. If, after 24-48 hours, there is no visible skin reaction, you can easily use it. 


Thus we can conclude that Vitamin E is one of the best vitamins you can use in your skincare regime to take care of your skin conditions. It is a very beneficial product, whether it is Vitamin E for skin whitening, basic moisturizing, or protection against various conditions. So what are you waiting for? Visit your nearest offline or online store, get Vitamin E oil, creams, or lotions, and start your skincare journey. All the best!

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