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Enhance Your Business Writing Skills: Help with Business Writing

by laurajonesus
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Business writing is an essential aspect of corporate communication that may help develop a company’s brand, visibility, and reputation. This is especially relevant now since most professional communication occurs via online exchanges such as email rather than face-to-face encounters.

Observing your workers’ writing abilities might help you identify problems and places for development. This will help your business in correctly representing your brand. Employees with solid communication skills may make departments more efficient, resulting in more straightforward organizational growth and a significant reduction in burden.

# 6 helpful hints for business writing:

  1. Consider the following before you begin writing: Take a moment to consider what you want to say and how you want to say it. To make things easier, use the 5W’s+1H formula as a guide:
  • WHO – Who is my target market?
  • WHAT – What information do you require?
  • WHEN – When must something be completed or communicated?
  • WHERE – Where is this taking place?
  • WHY WHY – What is the purpose of this?
  • HOW – What should they do with this data?
  1. Keep things brief: People are usually pushed for time, so they will always appreciate brevity. Once you’ve decided what you want to say, go right to the point by keeping it brief. Always recall how annoyed you are when you read the material in an email three times longer than it should and contain the essential points hidden deep inside it. Isn’t it a terrible waste of time and effort?
  2. Use an active voice wherever possible: Using an active voice instead of a passive voice makes sentences more direct, bold, and engaging to read. Take a look at the following sentences to see what I mean:
  • The boy chose the cloth.
  • The boy chose the cloth.
  1. Avoid using pompous language; instead, be straightforward. If your reader needs to utilize Google to figure out what you’re trying to convey, they’re going to be irritated. “Don’t use a five-dollar term when a fifty-cent word suffices,” said Mark Twain, eloquently encapsulating this notion. To sound intelligent, avoid the desire to employ flowery and pompous language. Keep the fifty-cent words in mind.
  2. Maintain a professional demeanor: Avoid inserting a joke or workplace gossip in an email since they may be misinterpreted. Such add-ons don’t add anything to your message and might hurt your reputation.
  3. Make your call to action explicit: Every business communication is written and distributed with a specific goal in mind. Most likely, you require our reader/message receiver to take action, such as contact you back, provide further information, confirm their attendance at a meeting, and so on. Please don’t leave it up to the readers to figure out what you’re looking for; be explicit and state it clearly. Here’s what I’m talking about:
  • Please return it before EOD
  • Please get in touch with this client and give the information
  • Please do let us know if you have any queries


Finally, there are several advantages to great business writing help for individuals and companies. Employees feel safer when they improve their writing abilities since they know precisely what is expected of them. It also boosts departmental productivity and can increase the success of your marketing activities.

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