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Email marketing features you must require for your brand

by MirzaAhsan
Email marketing is one of the most compelling parts of promoting and marketing in this modern era. It is a key to generating leads and building relationships with potential and existing customers. But many aspects of electronic mail have been changed. Hence, adopting a robust email marketing plan will undoubtedly uplift your brand presence. So, here we bring up this blog to provide you with some must-have features that will ultimately improve your overall E-mail marketing campaign.

First of all, have a list of connections.

Admit it. You cannot send an email to anyone if you don’t have an active list present. So start building your list by making several forms, newsletters and advertising campaigns and further distributing them through various channels, such as your website, social media pages, and contacts to collect their email address. Moreover, you can also host an event or a gathering to build up several contacts for your email marketing campaign. You should also engrave your professional email onto your business card for ensuring to generate a response. You can consider Hubspot email, sender, and Omni send because they provide a free subscription and practice on a limited number of contacts, but it is worth starting a free trial with a decent fraction. After completing the contact list, it is time to segment them. Segmenting will make it easy to send different emails based on other interests if you have multiple products. Aweber will be a handy tool to segment customers based on their interests; consider using it for the specific cause.

Pricing strategy

From pricing strategy, we mean to find a software or a developer who will provide you with a free initial subscription and test run for email pushing to ensure you will not risk any of your budgets in this specific task. As someone new can face difficulties adopting an email marketing plan. So, it is better to have sensible alternatives apropos financial aspects before heading further.
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Mobile optimization

As time flies by, more and more users are addressing their smartphones to interact with their professional or personnel email. It is an integral side that should not be neglected. As a marketer, you should develop a mobile version of your email to generate more sales. Surprisingly, most softwares or email marketing platforms, such as Mail chimp, will automatically direct your content and email elements in a mobile form, making it easier for you to allocate promotional emails. Moreover, you can also prefer individuals or people who provide complete mobile optimization email software to develop a greater user interface and interactions within an email. Therefore, we recommend you visit Catch and explore the store to acquire many unique and easy to apply E-mail marketing softwares at discounts upon using a Catch coupon code 2022 amid checkout.

Third-party integrations

Using third party integration with your email can significantly uplift your email campaign. Many organizations are using integration with their email to facilitate their business more. Hence, using an integration will solely depend upon the software and type of business you are operating. Moreover, teaming up your email marketing campaign with any CRM (customer relationship management), social media, payment tools, and different integrations will highly boost your campaign credibility and reduce the impact time to generate leads effectively.

Personalized emails

Generic emails are good, but we all know that a personalized email with the receiver name will significantly impact their physiological quotient and increase the chance of turning into lead. Many softwares are available online to provide personalized content for each email that automatically uses the username to display the related information directly in the inbox. Just explore the internet to find one that suits your goal.
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Email Automation

Do you know why you get several emails from massive organizations on a weekly or daily basis? To remind you about the brand availability and increase the probability of clicking the email to land on the specific webpage. It indeed is a great tactic to generate optimum leads. You can also set various promotional emails to automation by using tools such as Drip, send loop, and Hubspot email marketing to automate your professional email for greater impact.

A solid CMS

A solid and effective content management system will ensure your email is written effectively and will target the receiver on point. A vital content editor should allow you to use HTML or CSS and have templates, image-editing features, various designs, and easy drag and drop elements. For this, you can use Canva or Mailchimp as these softwares has all the elements for crafting a perfect email that will ultimately boost your chance to transform a customer into a lead. Additionally, the content you are putting in your email should connect with your brand. For instance, you cannot put culinary content in a technological promotional email. The overall range (image, words, video) should complement your final goal. The headings and titles should include a catchy line. Content should be easily understandable and in the native language. Lastly, using a justifiable CTA will increase the possibility of getting a response. You can also try various templates before finalizing the design. Asking from your professional connections for improvements will indeed enhance the performance of your business-driven mail.


Measuring your email from time to time is an essential feature that you should not forget. A good software should detect merit rate, bounce rate, clicks, unsubscribe rates, and unread or read email rate. Remember you have to be focused while reporting these stats, as this will be a great way of enhancing your current email campaign You can utilize Google Analytics or several email marketing tools to know overall email marketing insights and individual or segment base email results regarding the promotional strategy.
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A/B testing

It is an excellent way of testing two sets of emails to check how well each of them is performed according to the driven marketing campaign. For the best results, it is effective for you to consider Google Analytics. The software is easy to operate and does not require any complexity to generate and send the email types and further check the outcome.


The campaign will be baseless if the email is not reaching the required target market. So, from segmenting to generating and sending email, the central part of all this is to ensure whether your promotional email is getting delivered or not. A preferable way to do that is to dedicate a specific Ip address to your mails. Several large organizations use ESPs (Email service providers, that can be a company or a single individual providing valuable email marketing services against a specific amount)  to follow this technique to ensure a proper delivery across millions of users on millions of devices. You can find one by searching the internet, and surely you will find a valuable and credible ESP in your locality.

Use of Available Preview Text

Preview text can boost your email marketing campaign. You should use this feature to write a short description similar to a meta description about the content and information available in the email. The text ranges from 35-40 words, usually one to two lines and is supported by many email clients. In addition, several tools such as Sendinblue will allow you to write a compelling piece to increase the opening rate significantly.
Perfecting Your Email Preview Text - SendGrid

Email surveys

Surveys are essential to collect customers feedback about how well your campaign drives. Many businesses like online shopping have massive survey lists about orders and stores to generate an appropriate data sample. Furthermore, be sure to include specific and relevant questions in the surveys. These can be in many forms, for instance, a post purchase survey, a brand survey, a consumer survey, or a betterment survey. It is vital to indulge in the customer mindset before pursuing an observation for effective results.

Spam testing

What is the point of sending an email when you don’t know where it lands? For this, you should run a Spam test that will justify the content of the email to ensure the receiver will get the mail in his subscription box rather than the junk folder. Moreover, you can use many online tools like preview my mail and postmark for spam-check your electronic mail before sending it to the contacts.
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Customer service

Fortunately, you will not face many obstacles while generating an email marketing campaign. But having a responsive service from the software or ESP can save you from getting in trouble. Moreover, try finding a platform that offers a live chat option for getting an immediate response after facing an inconvenience related to the E-mail plan.

Help from expert

Asking for assistance from experts will not degrade your email marketing plan. Instead, it can profoundly escalate the venture. Many ESP offers excellent expert advice for performing each step crucially for a triumphant return and response. Moreover, you can consider numerous expert’s videos and online guidelines to get more insight into this digital email world for generating a better and more result-driven strategy. If you are looking for a trustworthy brand that offers an exceptional marketing services, you can find it at Revounts. It incorporates a lot of brands that provides different products & services at unbelievable charges. You can head over to them to get the job done at very low rates by using the coupons and discount vouchers.

Final verdict

Email marketing is necessary for developing and maintaining a robust brand presence and relationships with customers. Yet, it is also vital to evolve into a better version of yourself with constant growth and hard work. We hope that this guide will indeed assist you in preparing for your next email marketing campaign to achieve a more productive and positive ramification.

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