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ECommerce owners success on Instagram

by alihyder

How can eCommerce owners succeed on Instagram?

Instagram has more than one billion users worldwide and is proliferating. Instagram’s popularity has made it more than just a photo-sharing platform. It is now a powerful marketing tool for all businesses, regardless of size. In recent years, IG has been a massive success for eCommerce businesses. We’ll share all the details that eCommerce owners need in this post.

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Getting started

First, create a business profile on Instagram. These are the key differences between a regular shape and a business profile.


Owners can access analytics to assess follower information, reach, and impressions

You can add calls-to-action to your business profile and other interactive features to allow followers to interact with promotional posts.

A business profile can support integrations with third-party companies

If your business does not have an Instagram account, it is time to switch. It’s easy to change from an Insta regular profile to one for your business.


What’s next?

You have successfully converted to an Instagram account. Is that enough to grow your eCommerce business? It’s not; the short answer is. After your business profile has been set up with the appropriate photo, video, and text content, you can now use the IG Shop feature.


Instagram Shop allows you to integrate all your products with your business profile. After the feature has been enabled, your entire product catalog can be displayed to your Instagram audience. Instagram recently added Checkout, allowing users to purchase products from their IG accounts. Combining these features will ensure that your eCommerce business has some success.


Let’s look at all the great benefits that Instagram Shop offers


Your audience doesn’t need to leave IG Shop: This is, without doubt, the most significant benefit Instagram Shop provides to eCommerce businesses. They prefer to get all information from the platform they use.

Instagram users will naturally visit your website if they like what you have to say. This makes it more likely that people who visit your website via IG will buy.


Allows product tagging across posts. If you want to be visible and relevant to your target audience, you’ll need to post frequently from your Instagram business profile. You can tag products in all of your posts using the Instagram Shop feature.

Optimizing the hashtags of these posts will increase their chances of being seen by your target audience in another newly-introduced IG feature, the Shopping Explore tab. Insta users intent to purchase will typically view the Shopping Explore tab.

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Direct product promotion: It was difficult for eCommerce businesses to generate sales from the platform before Instagram Shop. It was still famous for customer relations strengthening, but it was not a good platform for conversions. Insta only allowed one link to be included in the bio. Every post that promoted a brand or product had to include the following call-to-action: Check out the link in your bio.

IG Shop has added spice to the mix. Businesses can now show their products directly without adverse effects on the user experience. IG Shop makes it easy to tag products in your posts.


Start your eCommerce store’s Instagram shop

Now that you are familiar with all the benefits of the Instagram Shop feature, it is time to learn how to create an Instagram Shop for your eCommerce shop. This will require you to integrate certain parts and get Instagram’s approval to make it work. It’s not difficult, and it will be worth it.


To start an Instagram Shop, you will need a Facebook Shop. Here’s how to set up a Facebook Shop if you don’t already have one.


A standalone Facebook Shop: This is the first option. This can lead to complications as you will need to create the product catalog from scratch and manage inventory on multiple fronts.

The eCommerce management system on Facebook has been subject to harsh criticisms since it lacks many features found on other eCommerce platforms. It all comes down to personal preferences. If you feel that creating your own Facebook Shop is a good idea, you should go ahead. If managing separate orders and inventories seems complicated, there is another option.


You can sync your eCommerce store with Facebook. If your eCommerce store is on Shopify, BigCommerce, or Magento, you are in good shape. This option allows you to integrate your entire product catalog in just minutes. The best part is the automatic inventory tracking.

This option is for you if simplicity is what you are looking for. You can manage all orders from one place (Shopify dashboard or BigCommerce dashboard). This will allow you to concentrate more on sales growth.


Getting your Instagram Shop started


You need to update your Instagram app. If you are using an older version, you will not be able to access the Shop feature. The first thing to do is update your app to the most recent version.

Link your Instagram and Facebook Pages: After your IG app has been updated, you can link your business pages across Facebook or Instagram. To successfully connect the pages, access the Linked Accounts option in your IG settings.

Add Instagram to your eCommerce store as a sales channel. If you have Shopify, you can go to the dashboard and select IG in the Add sales channel box. You can access this box by clicking the plus icon.

Wait for approval: IG will review your application and take a few days to complete. opening the Business Settings option, you can access the Shopping tab.

Once your Instagram Shop has been operational, you will be able to see the “Tag Products” option to add a new post. Click it to tag the products you want.


Perfecting your Instagram Shop Promotions

It’s not enough to just set up an Instagram shop. Once your shop is up and running, you will need to market it on Instagram. Here are some tips to help your IG Shop become more visible to your target audience.

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