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by alenmorgan
Jimmy John's Hours

To commemorate the inauguration of their 1000th location, Jimmy John’s Hours handed out 1000 sandwiches to a random customer. As a result, Jimmy John personally drove over to a Tampa apartment complex and put a thousand sandwiches into a trash container.


Dumping a truckload of 1000 sandwiches is a lot like dumping a big ol’ mound of garbage.

Clearly, the customer is not overjoyed. In fact, he seems to be irate.

In what way does Jimmy John’s Hours believe this will increase sales?

They Believe It Will Be A Hit With The Public. Isn’t It Just A Little Bit Amusing?

Are they certain that the video will be shared widely and raise awareness?

  • A Sandwich Blogger would be the only one who would benefit from this.
  • Overall, I believe this is a waste of time and money. Because of this, I’ve decided to boycott Jimmy John’s Hours. You should join me if you believe it’s a waste of time.
  • Neal posted this on August 12th, 2010.
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What Do You Think?

  • Jason has a lot of lash outs. Glenn’s house
  • I thought I owed it to the Turkey Sandwich Report’s devoted readers to write this piece. Response from Jason to Glenn’s accusations.

As For His Thoughts, He Said The Following:

Glenn is a scumbag who has repeatedly lied to me to tarnish my reputation. As far as I know, no one ever gave me more than one shirt. Both times I got written up for being late or not wearing a helmet.


Although Glenn owns the Pioneer Square store, which has a lot more foot traffic than the other locations, he picked it as his picketing place because of this.

Does it affect how you plan to vote now?


Those Jimmy John’s Pricks, If You Will.

According to Jimmy John, the truth concerning Jason and his allegations against them is completely different.

  • Glenn from Jimmy John’s recently told me this in a phone call.
  • At the Jimmy John’s where he was picketing, Jason didn’t even work at all.
  • Jason received a reprimand for his pattern of being absent from work.
  • In addition to Jason’s usual shirt, he also received a “bike short.”


This is how several other bike messengers clean and dry their “bike jerseys”; it works just fine.

To get his bike through the entrance, Jason was disrespectful to a client and urged them to move out of the way.

Jason Did, In Fact, Have A Sense Of Smell.

There is enough of this “warm and fuzzy garbage” from the managers at Jimmy John’s Hours. It’s about time The Turkey Sandwich started chowing down on some incisive reporting. The time has come for us to start debating the topics that really matter. What happened at Jimmy John’s in Pioneer Square was similar to this (Seattle). The Turkey Sandwich isn’t going to pretend that these aren’t genuine problems affecting real people.


I had no worries about anything as I left the workplace for lunch. Then, when I came back to work, I learned about real-life tragedies in the sandwich-making industry. Every one of us would like to pretend that this shite hasn’t happened. However, this is the case.


The manager at Jimmy John’s Hours was a jerk and did Jason a disservice. It’s important to understand that Jason is a bike messenger and does not work for pay. And so he went and got another work at Jimmy John’s to supplement his income.

The Management Had An Issue

When Jason came up to work at Jimmy John’s Hours, the management had an issue with the stink he brought with him. You could respond, “It’s a good point,” but here’s the problem: That dreadful garment wasn’t Jason’s fault; it was his. Moreover, Jimmy John’s handed him just one fucking shirt. The home where Jason lives doesn’t have a washing machine or a dryer. Jason can’t afford to go to the laundromat every time he has to work. There you have it.


After explaining his situation to the jerks at Jimmy John’s Hours, Jason requested another shirt. Because they are bitchboys, they turned down his plea.


They picket Jimmy John’s Hours and convey Jason’s situation to everyone who would listen. As far as Jason is concerned, he is open to negotiations. As long as the company gives him a few more work shirts to wear, he’ll take the job back or just two months of severance money.


On Jason’s behalf, we here at the Turkey Sandwich Report salute you. As long as this issue persists, we will not be dining at any Jimmy John’s Hours.


The Official Turkey Sandwich Of Hangovers Is Jimmy John’s

A chain of fast-food restaurants.

I traveled to Cape Girardeau, MO, for Southeast Missouri State University’s Homecoming a few weeks ago. Football games are a staple of most college homecomings. At least for me, SEMO’s homecoming is all about drinking.

Our typical working hours are:

  • 3PM Start drinking on Friday, at the latest.
  • 5PM There will be an event at the Playdium on Friday.
  • 10PM Party in the Fraternity House on Friday night.
  • 3AM Pass out on Saturday (when I was in college I would stay up all night)
  • 6AM Screwdrivers and donuts on Saturday.
  • 9AM keep boozing at whatever party you’re at on Saturday.
  • 3PM find a turkey sandwich on Saturday.
  • 4PM Sleep in on Saturday!

It’s a 24-hour sprint for me. It is not a marathon. I’m the Usain Bolt of Homecoming, and I’m sprinting around the track.


The Cape Girardeau, Missouri, area was my last destination. On-time for my 3 p.m. Turkey Sandwich, Jimmy John’s Hours arrived. It didn’t let me down. It was so wonderful, in fact, that I’ve given it the moniker “Hangover Sandwich.”

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