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Easy and Sustainable Gift Boxes Ideas

by Adam Wicken
Gift Boxes

Looking for ideas for reusable and environmentally friendly gift boxes? Try reusing fabric ribbons made from T-shirts, button-down shirts, and flannels. These ribbons can be made of any thickness and can be sewn for durability or left unfinished for a more rustic look. Many thin ropes are made from organic cotton or hemp and can be recycled or composted after use.

Our Top Tips For Sustainable Gift Boxes

There are many benefits to choosing sustainable Gift Boxes Kmart for your next gift-giving venture. They help you save money while buying gifts and make it easy to gift the most thoughtful gift possible. You can also purchase environmentally friendly boxes to spread the message about sustainable living and buying from small businesses. Listed below are some of the most important tips for choosing eco-friendly gift boxes. To get started, read our newsletter for tips and advice on sustainable living and check out the Ethical & Sustainable Brand Directory.

Gift Packaging

Gift Packaging

Choose biodegradable paper or ribbon. Using biodegradable paper or ribbon will cut down on the amount of packaging you use. Choose eco-friendly ribbon or bits of twine and hemp to tie your gifts. If you don’t have eco-friendly wrapping paper, you can tie your gifts with recycled yarn or hemp. Using these materials also prevents additional waste by reducing packaging materials. These materials can be used again and will look lovely in your eco-friendly gift box.


Go Natural With Brown Paper

When shopping for environmentally friendly Gift Boxes, brown paper is a fantastic option. Instead of using tissue paper or wrapping paper, opt for a plain brown paper bag. The bag can then be composted or reused to wrap another gift. Kids can have fun decorating their brown bags, too. Just make sure not to use paint, crayons, or excessive glue or sticky tape, as these materials are not recyclable.

Custom Gift Boxes

Custom Gift Boxes

Another environmentally friendly alternative is to use recycled paper, such as cardboard. Brown paper gift bags are compostable because they don’t have glue and are completely biodegradable. This kind of paper is often used for e-commerce as well. Online stores can pack items in paper bags for protection and security. Most bags have a self-adhesive strip to help prevent theft and extra padding for security.

Use Your Own Creativity

Upcycle your old t-shirts and button-downs into reusable fabric bows for your holiday gifts. You can sew them for durability or leave them unfinished for a more rustic look. Most thin ropes are made from natural fibers like hemp and organic cotton. They can be recycled or composted after being used. In addition to using reusable materials, you can also save the packaging for the next year.

Gift Boxes Wholesale

Gift Boxes Wholesale

Instead of using traditional paper or plastic gift bags, consider using reusable containers. You can also use a variety of materials to wrap your gifts. Recycled or used pasta sauces and canned corn make great options for gift packaging. Even if you are not making a gift for a loved one, you can reuse small containers to wrap your gifts. Make sure to wash the containers before using them.

Photos and Postcards

Instead of buying plastic or paper Gift Boxes, use brown paper or a recycled sheet of paper as a wrapper. You can decorate it with handwritten messages, drawings, or a custom stamp design. You can even reuse the brown paper for other purposes, such as wrapping a textbook. This will save money and help you create a more environmentally friendly gift box. If you have a scrap of photo paper, you can turn it into a gift tag.

You can also make a photo book using old newspapers or magazine pages. They can also be used as stuffing. You can highlight some interesting articles in the newspaper when wrapping the package. Alternatively, you can also use old shirts as wrapping paper. These eco-friendly alternatives are not only beautiful but are also functional and durable. Choose a beautiful photo product and give your recipient a unique gift.

Paper Bags


Okay, this can be one simple, however, maybe a good way to try to do one thing outside the box. Place your goodies in an exceeding poke that’s been turning within out, and so sew the open sides together. It’s that simple.

Keep Your Fragile Items Safe

If you’re concerned approximately getting all inexperienced however risking your greater high-priced items along the way, we inventory a recyclable wrapping paper alternative that acts as an opportunity to bubble wrap. It’s eco-friendly, protects your valuables and nevertheless looks as if present wrap. Perfect.

It’s Time to Recycle

If you’ve been given a few spare clothes, mendacity around. Possibly pick a few up on the neighborhood op shop, that is wherein it’s going to all come into right use. Just like you’ll with paper, wrap up your present and stable as usual. Another innovative manner to complete it off is through knotting it on the top, in preference to the usage of tape or ribbon.

Gift Boxes Wholesale Australia

Gift Boxes Wholesale Australia

You can simply select the best eco-friendly presents for important individuals in your life thanks to the extensive research I’ve done for you here. You can choose to purchase each item from one of the links I’ve provided or locate it locally. Each item has been reviewed to verify it truly is a sustainable alternative.


Even yesterday’s information has an area today. If you’ve been given a few vintage papers’ mendacities around, re-use them as wrapping. Even cellphone books can work (in case you nevertheless manipulate to have those in your home) however are perfect for smaller gifts.

Newspaper is some other superb cloth, this is often advocating for wrapping. Newspapers are revealed that morning inside the identical town and are recyclable, making them greater low cost and sustainable than regular wrapping paper. Honestly, the simplest to get the New York Times digitally now is a present made in a sustainable manner. Items from businesses who take pride in environmental sustainability, or even better, items you make yourself!

What Makes This Year’s List of Eco-friendly Presents the Best One Yet?

The presents in this gift guide have been tried and true by us! We at Wholefully purchased these products, tested them out at home, and are thrilled to endorse them. We don’t take complimentary gifts for our gift recommendations either, so you can know that everything on this list is truly something we love. You’ll find gifts in our gift guide from both big-box retailers and independent merchants. We also provided a wide range of options from diverse businesses,

Other wonderful options include giving gift boxes that, once consumed, produce little to no waste, gifts made with love, and experiences making a donation in someone’s honor to a cause they care about.

Save Up Those Odds and Ends

That I’ve been diligently gathering all year. When you keep at sustainable and moral makers of perfect goods, you become with a few suitable wrapping materials! I used all of those in my wrapping process. You’ll additionally see in my wrapping a few sparkly wrapping papers my dude offered final year, and a few Japanese wash tape my mother installed my stocking some years ago. The present underneath is the usage of a dirtbag from an artisan boutique and a few antique bells.

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