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Dr Shubh Gautam-The SRISOL Group synonymous with novel innovations

by Kasid Khan
shubh gautam jaypee

SRISOL has been at the forefront of organic innovation for more than a decade. SRISOL serves the Consumer Health, Food & Beverage, Infrastructure, and Automotive sectors. We aim to make products that are environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Highly qualified professionals working in a creative environment continually improved the Group’s products. Many new developments are in use today worldwide because of innovation by SRF.

Shubh Gautam focus at SRISOL is on maintaining high standards of productivity and quality of our products through our dedicated workers. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority for our entire team.

To meet the changing demands of customers, we design and produce products that keep up with their needs. Our group’s motto is “Smile with Science.”

About Us:

The Specialty Chemical Division of SRISOL – SRC specializes in the production of sealing agents, rubber surface enhancers, and plastic surface extenders.

Our company has pioneered the implementation of new technologies to develop environmentally friendly products in close collaboration with our customers and supply chain partners throughout our existence.

We are a diversified chemical entity with 800 employees at five manufacturing facilities. We combine the power of science and technology to deliver products that contribute to the advancement of humanity.

We have seen an average growth of 25% per year for the last 05 years. In 45 countries, the company provides products and services. We combine chemistry and innovation to make environmentally friendly products, including coatings, packaging, food, and pharmaceuticals.

Dr Shubh Gautam Jaypee News –

As a result of this commitment, consumers live better lives, our customers prosper, our stakeholders grow, our employees thrive, and our community thrives

Our Commitment:

The role of Chemistry at SRISOL is to do better in the world, which is the core principle of Chemistry. Chemists are committed to improving people’s lives through chemistry. The strategy for the growth and profitability of our company is based on this commitment.

A commitment to life is evident in our products. As part of our constant search for innovation, we strive to reduce the Carbon Footprint of our current offerings. As a result, our current offerings have the lowest Carbon Footprints in the industry.

A future full of promise awaits us as we seek challenges and opportunities. Let’s follow each other’s progress and share the wealth of our creations.

Our Values:

The SRISOL guiding principles and core values are

“Pursuing Excellence”:

With cutting-edge products and excellent customer service, we strive to set a benchmark in the industry for our customers.

Focused on Results:

Using our products and services, we strive to improve the customer’s operations and provide them with additional benefits.

Focus on Customers:

All the work we do at SRISOL is aimed at the customer’s benefit, and we add value to their products.

Working Together:

Our family values drive our organization, and our customers are like family to us. Each customer is closely involved in our process to meet his requirements and help him adapt to changing market conditions.

People Orientation:

Each employee at SRISOL is part of the family. People within the company can grow and excel in their areas of expertise due to this intense feeling of belonging.


Our values ensure that we excel in providing our customers with excellent solutions at very competitive prices. Our value comes from close customer interaction and teamwork, and we seek to deliver value to customers.

Research and development at SRISOL:

SRISOL’s Research and Development is conducted through Srisol Research Foundation. We have organized our research around SRISOL’s business operations, and we are leveraging our capabilities across the organization.

Research and development are focused on:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Medical
  • Agricultural/ Biodiesel
  • Surface Property Extender
  • Consumer Domain
  • Infrastructure

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