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DOs and DON’Ts for Your Trip to Phoenix

by stank122

Phoenix has become known as the “LA without the Pacific” due to its unique shopping experience, spa offers, and stunning setting of the desert and red rocks, it is a paradise for holidaymakers. If you feel like getting away from the cold, you can always count on Phoenix to provide a warm and sometimes scorching hot welcome. There are plenty of attractions to cater to different tastes and any tourist is bound to fall in love with the unique landscape of cacti-lined roads.

Do choose the time

As it lies in the northern parts of the Sonoran Desert, it can get quite hot between the months of March and November, but for those discount savvy travelers, it is not a deal-breaker. Usually, that means that by traveling off-season you can save quite a buck. Hotels and some of the attractions tend to slash prices, so that is your cue to look for the perfect accommodation to spend some time in this marvelous city. Moreover, if you are considering car rental, do make sure that there is proper air conditioning.

Do think about the transportation

Phoenix cannot boast some of the most developed public transport infrastructures, thus in this case it makes sense to rent a minivan or a car. Minivan rentals in Phoenix will suit those traveling in groups, and also provide an opportunity for you to save up a bit on transportation. If you are in town for a short while do check out your options in terms of taxi and public transportation, because if you are not planning to get around that much, it might be more reasonable to pay for the taxi to get you to your destinations. In terms of public transport, keep in mind that there is Valley Metro Light Rail that goes through downtown, and buses that cover most of the city, even though their routes might not necessarily go near some points of interest.

Do explore the surrounding

Phoenix has a more or less centralized location in the state, so it is the perfect place to set up the base and explore some of the surrounding attractions. First off, check out Camelback Mountain and Papago Park. Not only are they perfect for hiking, but also provide some of the most incredible views that make all the effort worth it. If you opt for the minivan rental, you can drive into the Sonoran Desert and have a fun camping trip, or you can visit South Mountain Park and Preserve, to venture out onto the hiking trails and check out the landscapes of the desert and at night the amazing star-filled sky.

In terms of the cultural life in the city, you might enjoy tours of Taliesin West, the winter home of one of the most outstanding architects, Frank Lloyd Wright. It is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List and a truly unique location. Moreover, you should try to see the Heard Museum and Phoenix Art Museum. Plus for the truly inspirational stroll around the city, start off by visiting Heritage Square and Old Town Scottsdale.

Don’t splurge out if you can save

It is clear that since the months of December to February are not as hot in the desert it is the high season in the city, so obviously it attracts crowds of tourists then. Clearly, if you want to save a bit, you should try to steer clear of visiting the city at this time. However, if you do want to explore Phoenix at its finest time, you should try to look for a good deal on accommodation, or maybe even search for a package deal on car rental services that would include accommodation at a better pricing range. 

Moreover, you ought to remember that there are plenty of free activities in the city. So to get the best of Phoenix, you don’t necessarily have to spend your time in the spa and expensive hotel lounges, but on the contrary, try a hiking tour or take a walk around Phoenix. Besides, there are plenty of free attractions, or some museums might offer free attendance on some days, so be sure to check that as well.

Don’t forget to do your research

A bit of research is crucial to make your trip go without hiccups, but also to save your time and money. If you do most of the bookings ahead of time, you will save yourself the hassle of trying to get the tickets or minivan rental at the last minute. Besides, with proper research online you might find better deals on the rental services and accommodation, or even choose the best timing to visit the city if you are flexible in terms of your dates of travel. Be sure to check out the attractions that you are keen to visit and try not to overfill your itinerary.

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