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Directions For Using A Storz and Bickel Volcano

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If you are on the search for something that kicks in quite efficiently, the Storz and Bickel volcano is the right way to get medicated effectively and within seconds. The volcano comes in a number of models, including their top-selling model- the Hybrid and the all-time favorite- Volcano Classic.

So, if it is something that fascinates you, then here it is. The ultimate guide to how to use a Storz and Bickel volcano and 10 tips to help you get the best of your vape.

Directions for a heavy session

If you are looking to take a break from the normal session, you can try the heavy session by taking a big bowl and adding about 3-5 G of the herb, depending upon the potency.

However, it is vital not to take more than your limit to avoid possible overdose. Take about 3 grams and heat the first bag at around 365 degrees Fahrenheit, in case you are using a hybrid Storz and Bickel volcano. If you have a classic volcano, you can heat up the first back to 5.5.

After the first bag, open the filling chamber and stir up the filling chamber to mix up properly. Refill the second bad and heat it up to 385F. After completing the second bag, give the filling chamber a stir and fill the third bag at 405F. However, if you are looking to get the most out of the vape, you can heat the third bag at the maximum temperature.

For Micro Dosing

If you wanna unwind and relax while playing your favorite video games, you can go for micro-dosing, which would include adding just 1 gram to the mixing chamber and heating a single bag at 395 – 405F.

After the first go, you can give the mixing chamber a stir. If required, you can heat up the second bag at the same temperature. You can repeat this process about 4-5 times for the best results.

Features of Hybrid Storz and Bickel Volcano

With a dual-inhalation system and the ability to heat the balloon ten times faster, Storz and Bickel Volcano’s latest addition- Hybrid, comes with convection heating. The vape helps you draw silently from the heating chamber, thus providing the most benefits in a highly potent way.

Accompanied by a whip-style system, the vape comes with a number of flavors that help you unwind and relax and tune into your best self. Because it lets you take a drag directly from the heating chamber, this innovation by Storz and Bickel Volcano provides highly potent results within seconds.

The Hybrid is designed with temperatures ranging from 104 °F and 446 °F. It has a “+” and “-” button that allows you to set the accurate temperature. Moreover, the led lights display the current temperature that you have set.

What’s more?

The vape comes with an app. Meaning you can manage the temperature using your phone, which allows you to get the most out of your vape.

Why Vape?

If you are among those who are trying to take a break from smoking and find its alternative, then vaping is your perfect shot. Unlike your traditional cigarettes, which are loaded with tobacco, e-cigarettes or vapes like a Storz and Bickel Volcano run on nicotine, which is less harmful and helps you through your quitting journey.

And if you are up for medical cannabis vaporizers, you can also try Storz and Bickel Volcano’s Mighty Medic, which allows you to get deep drags of your favorite herbs without getting high.

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