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Custom Cosmetic Boxes: This is what Professionals do

by kwickpackaging
Cosmetic Boxes

The professional works hard to provide a great image to their brand. You can see cosmetic products everywhere on the shelves when you go shopping in stores. You can truly see a difference by seeing awesome custom cosmetic boxes placed on the shelves by different brands.

The following are some of the amazing boxes ideas that you can implement on your boxes to make them look awesome.

Stunning Typography

The typography takes the center of the stage. This means that it will be the most important thing your customers will see. So, here go for implementing the attractive font styles on the boxes to grab the maximum attention of the onlookers. Add elegant, attractive, and sophisticated font style to your boxes.

It is the packaging text which makes the outer boxes look flawless. Moreover, focus on the uppercase and the lowercase letters while adding the typography.

For the attractive typography, it is important to keep the engaging font so that you can create a balance between the illustration and the font type. The simple cursive fonts add softness to the overall custom cosmetic packaging.

Go for adding the logo of your brand at the top side of the box. The logo is responsible to attract customers from a great distance. Go for having strong, powerful font, attractive illustrations, and playful artwork.

cosmetic boxes

However, make your custom packaging boxes design eye-catching and attractive.

Green Gate London

Have you seen the cylindrical packaging of the green gate London? It looks cylindrical on an external basis. The background of the box makes the gold foil logo appear awesome.

By taking inspiration from the “green gate London” packaging you can create your own cosmetic box packaging in one go. If you are offering some herbal ingredients within the skincare cosmetics then show those ingredients with the help of an illustration. Such as adding the images of the herbs, flowers, and other greenery that enhances the inner product image itself.

Add Labels

The addition of the labels is necessary to get the massive attention of the onlookers. How you can get that attractive look? Go for adding the labels in the most attractive styles for instance you can add up the clear material label on the front side of the box. The clear transparency of the stickers will look attractive to the customers.

Make sure that your labels comprise all the information about the making of the cosmetic product you are pasting the label over.

The elegant deep color box with a metal-plated label showing up the brand will look marvelous.

Soft and Elegant Packaging

The soft and elegant packaging makes customers attractively buy your cosmetics. You can select various colors design that can pop out on the custom cosmetic packaging boxes. How you can do so? You can gather the selective colors within the individual circular shape with the help of the software and choose a background theme and place that colorful circle on that background to know which color will go best for your boxes.

For instance, the lavender color looks best with the purple color range to make the complete custom cosmetic boxes range stand out.

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