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Choose Serwerwala’s Dedicated Server Chicago For Smooth Performance

by niyati
Choose Serwerwala's Dedicated Server Chicago For Smooth Performance

If you want to expand your business first step is to choose the correct web hosting server. Customers can be confused about which type of server is best for business. In the market, there are some types of hosting available such as cloud, Shared, Dedicated, Or Vps Server.

In the initial stage, you choose Shared Server when there is a low Budget. Shared Server is less expensive as compared to other Servers. Because they have limited features and plans.

When the business grows there is a requirement to upgrade a Server. You can move to

VPS Server or Dedicated Server. Both are high-capacity hosting solutions.

VPS is an absolute option for low to medium-traffic websites. If you require more, power and functionalities Dedicated Server in Chicago is the Best Option.

In the Dedicated Server, there is an isolated environment and no sharing of Resources. A Chicago Dedicated Server gives more power, security, and functionalities than your websites needs.

My Reccomadation for you would be Serverwala. Serverwala is a growing or fast-paced company worldwide.

Serverwala offers Dynamic and robust  Dedicated Server Chicago at the best price. You get the best features with Servewala’s Dedicated Server hosting.

Serverwala’s Dedicated Server Chicago plans and Pricing

Serverwala offers both Managed and unmanaged Chicago Dedicated Server.

Their Dedicated Hosting plans Started at $45.00/m. Additionally, they have eight hosting Plans.

Serverwala’s Dedicated Server Chicago plans and Pricing

  • Intel Xeon E3-1230V3 3.30 GHz is the basic plan starting at $45.00/m. With this plan, you get 16GB RAM, 250 GB SSD Storage, 20 TB 1 Gbps Shared Bandwidth.
  • Dual Xeon E5-2660v2 – 2.20 GHz is the advanced plan. with this plan, you get 256 GB RAM, 2 TB SSD Storage, 30 TB1  Gbps Shared Bandwidth.

From the nine plans, you can choose any plan that best meets the requirement for your high Demanding application or website.

Range of Control Panels

With a wide range of available control panels, your website management is not in trouble. The control panels are available with Serverwala are Cpanel or Plesk. Select any control panel in the available options according to your needs.

Rapid provisioning 

When you order a Dedicated Server Chicago from Serverwala your server gets deployed within a few hours. You don’t need to wait for a long time to get your server delivered. It ensures your work doesn’t get hampered and everything works smoothly. 

About Dedicated Server

To a single owner a dedicated server Chicago is given. They can optimize according to the requirements because they have complete control over the machine, including security and performance.

With the Dedicated Server Chicago  100% level of security, you get. Also, you have to receive SSH Root access.

From any security breaches or threats, a cheap dedicated server reduces the risk. To your visitors, they give a safe browsing experience also dedicated servers are highly reliable. 

Why choose Dedicated Server Chicago?

These are some reasons why you choose Dedicated Server Chicago.

Time Flexibility

Time flexibility is an advantage of Dedicated Server Chicago. Very quickly you set up new services. On the same machine with the other users, there is no need to do this with cooperation.


When a business does not generate much revenue or business is at an early stage. A Dedicated Server in Chicago is an ideal option because you can pay only what you actually use. In this way, you don’t invest their money in unuseful things.

Remote Access

Anywhere in the world, you can access your Server by using a desktop tool. You only require an internet connection or web browser. 

Without any travel, you can manage any technical process. Your time or money is both saved with the use of a Dedicated Server.

Server isolation

On the same machine with the other user when you share a hosting account they won’t have access to your configuration file or data.

 Multiple IP Address

A Dedicated Server Chicago gives multiple Ip addresses. Search engines index your pages or improve the visitors’ ratio. When it is connected to your site.

Chicago Dedicated Server vs Shared Server: Know Which one is Better

Chicago Dedicated Server vs Shared Server: Know Which one is Better


In the shared server the loading time of your website is not good. They take a longer time to load the pages. 

In the Dedicated Server, the loading speed of the website is good whether you are facing High traffic. 


When you buy the Server website performance is an important factor.

You will get some portion of website performance in the shared server because in the Shared server multiple clients can host on the same hardware.

In the best-dedicated server, the website performance is good. Because you get the full potential of the hardware.


In the shared Server there is less security because multiple users share the server.

In the dedicated server, there is a high degree of security because a single client uses the entire server.


Worldwide, there are thousands of companies that give web hosting services. When you choose a good web hosting company you get more benefits and features. For Dedicated Servers in Chicago, you choose Serverwala they give the various benefits that your website grows or handles more and more traffic. Serverwala has a highly responsive team with certified and experienced people.


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