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China Energy Drink Market, Share, Industry Trends, Growth, Size, Insight, Forecast 2022-2027

by renubresearch

As per the latest report by Renub Research titled “China Energy Drink Market, Size, Forecast 2022-2027, Share, Growth, Industry Trends, Impact of COVID-19, Opportunity Company Analysis” the China energy drink market Size will reach US$ 12,626.8 Million by 2027. In recent years, Energy drinks have been gaining popularity in China. It is a popular dietary supplement with high stimulant ingredients, such as guarana, sugar, taurine, caffeine and ginseng, vitamins, Yohimbe, carnitine, bitter orange, and glucuronolactone. Energy drinks enhance physical performance along with mental attentiveness. Energy drinks differ from sports drinks, which are used to replace water and electrolytes during or after physical activity. In addition, they are differentiated from coffee and tea, which are brewed, contain lesser ingredients, and are decaffeinated. Although energy drinks are not traditional Chinese drinks, they are relatively new among youngsters; imported energy drinks to China are growing. The leading consumption group is the younger generation, who find energy drinks as a fashion and trend.

Energy Drinks Dominate the Chinese Market

Based on type, Energy drinks are non-alcoholic beverages containing energy impulses. In addition to the main ingredients, these drinks may include carbonated water. The general improvement in the quality of life in China in recent years has encouraged many people to engage in sports activities. Consumers are evolving more health-conscious and have realized the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Athletes also tend to prefer energizing and nutritious drinks over water. Red Bull has held a powerful brand presence in the energy drink market in China.

Besides, the easy availability of energy drinks in diversified platforms ranging from hypermarkets, supermarkets, mass merchandisers, Convenience stores to online sales channels has resulted in the expansion of China energy drink market. Moreover, canned, PET, and bottled energy drinks are sold everywhere in China, from supermarkets & hypermarkets to convenience stores, foodservice outlets, and online. The growth in penetration of retail sales has augmented the development of the China energy drinks market.

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Similarly, the availability of energy drinks on e-commerce platforms has resulted in the convenience of buying goods without any physical constraints. E-commerce offers comfort, and convenience provides information regarding products, benefits, prices, and comprehensive value evaluation before committing a purchase.

COVID-19 Impact on Chinese Energy Drink Industry

The effect of COVID-19 in China’s energy drink market was positive in 2020. In the COVID-19, the fitness clubs and other sporting arenas were shut down in China. However, the customers are sticking to workouts and employing various exercise regimes in the convenience of their houses, showing a persisted demand for energy drinks. Simultaneously, long and variable working hours and the increasing occurrence of social gatherings are moving Chinese consumers toward energy drinks.

Growing Market Penetration of Global Brands

The Chinese energy drink industry is highly competitive, and prominent players account for a significant market share. Key emerging market players targeting leading brands are making strategic acquisitions in a more mature and sophisticated industry. The China energy drink companies witnesses’ high competition, with many regional and small-medium scale players and the major global players. Major players in the China energy drink market are Dali food group co ltd, Red Bull, Monster Beverage Corporation, Taisho Pharmaceutical Holding Company, Rockstar Inc, Pepsico, Coca-cola.

Follow the link for the full report with detailed TOC and list of figures and tables: https://www.renub.com/china-energy-drinks-market-p.php

Market Summary:

Type – Renub Research Report covers by type in the 3 viewpoints (Energy drink, Energy shots, and Energy mixers)

Distribution Channel – Our Report has covered China Energy Drink Market breakup by 5 Distribution Channel (Hypermarket, Supermarket, mass merchandisers, Convenience stores, Food service outlets, Online, Others)

Packaging Type – We have covered China Energy Drink Market breakup by 5 viewpoints (PET, Glass bottles, Cans, Cartons, Others)

All the major players have been covered from 3 Viewpoints (Overview, Recent Development, and Revenue Analysis) Red Bull, Monster Beverage Corporation, Taisho Pharmaceutical Holding Company, Dali food group co ltd, Rockstar Inc, Pepsico, Coca cola.

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