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Carpets and Allergies: All You Need To Know!

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Almost all of us face the problem of allergies at some point in life. There could be many reasons for its occurrence. It could be from a specific smell such as paints and chemicals, or it could be due to dust and pollutants. The reason for its cause is sometimes unknown. Have you ever wondered about encountering an allergy in your house? Yes, you read it right! You can get infections at your home because of the foreign particles present. What should you do in this case? Let us look ahead for the answer.

The link between carpet and allergies

Now that we are talking about allergies, you might be thinking of your own. But are you aware of how you get it? If yes, you are the lucky one! Some people do not know the onset of these infections. In such a situation, it is difficult to refrain from things that lead to discomfort. But what if you had an allergy-causing agent at your sweet home? How will you deal with it? This scenario is more commonly seen in a residence that has carpets. Carpets are sophisticated and stylish flooring options that are preferred by many. It is loved because of its non-slippery properties and comfort. But, do you know that they can cause serious health concerns? Let us look at how it leads to allergy and how to avoid it:

Mites and pollutants 

The welcoming fibers of the carpet attract dust mites and pet dander which are aggravating allergens. In other words, carpets can be a reservoir for such agents. Other irritants like dust, dirt, molds, and pollen are lodged regularly. A person who has an allergy can find uneasiness in a place where carpets are placed. Irritation can happen if bacteria come in contact via skin or smell.

Carpet material

Sometimes, the allergy might not be due to insects or allergens. The carpet’s material also plays an essential factor in developing an infection. How does that feel? Is the feeling similar to wearing a heavy sequined cloth (and getting rashes from it)? Carpets are made of wool, nylon, polyester, jute, and many such materials. When these fibers undergo the manufacturing process combined with the volatile organic compound can induce respiratory issues. An individual sensitive to this can experience severe symptoms of allergy.

Allergy proofing 

Now that you know how carpet can make you uncomfortable, going for solutions that reduce the risk of allergy is a must. Vacuuming your carpet area regularly eliminates the chances of dust and mites on it. Also, a steam spray can be helpful to disinfect the rug. You can also have it professionally cleaned. Have you searched for the finest home carpet cleaner nearby? Absolute Carpet Care is well-known for its service in this domain. They undertake carpet cleaning jobs and are efficient and experts in their field of work. When you book them, you do not have to worry about anything. They will get their machinery and cleaning agents along. An occasional cleaning from an expert like them is recommended every six months. It will clean your carpet thoroughly and make it as good as new.

Treatment options 

If your allergy gets out of control, several treatment options are available to reduce the symptoms. However, it is suggested to call your doctor in this case. Oral dosage and ointments can help to reduce allergic symptoms. Sometimes, an allergy shot is necessary to cure the condition. It is similar to taking a vaccine. But if you have a respiratory tract infection from a carpet, an inhaler or a nebulizer is recommended.

Common allergens are trapped in the carpet, leading to allergic reactions. If you or your family member has such an issue, you should be going for carpet-free floor options. Trying a wood or tile flooring can be a great option. Getting your carpet washed, scrubbed, and rinsed by an expert can also solve your trouble. Talking to an allergist can also help immensely.


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