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Choosing a gift for someone at times may become a difficult task in case you are unaware of the person’s inclination towards something. But fortunately, cakes are such a gifting option that fits into different occasions as well as is liked by all. These days, gifting has become quite convenient due to the advent of online gifting sites that help you get your present delivered to any place around the globe by following a quite easy and simple process. For the delivery of cakes, there are some sites as well as apps that are solely meant for delivering cakes. So, now you can have cake delivery in Pakistan, India, or even any other country through these sites. If we talk of cakes, there are various types of cakes that you can gift to a person. Here, we shall discuss a few types of cakes.


BUTTER CAKE: Any cake that uses butter in its preparation is a butter cake. Butter cakes come in different colors such as chocolate, white, yellow, etc. Even the red velvet cake and carrot cake belong to this category. So, in case, you want to gift it to somebody, you can choose a cake of their favorite color and flavor and even customize the cake by giving directions as the way you like it to be.

POUND CAKE: This cake gets its name from the measurement of the ingredients used in its preparation such as a pound of butter, a pound of eggs, etc. This type of cake is usually denser as compared to a butter cake as it does not rise much. These types of cakes generally come in light flavors with a basic topping. Coffee cakes, fruit cream cakes, coconut cream cakes are some of the pound cakes.

SPONGE CAKE: The recipe that uses lots of whipped eggs or egg white is generally the one used to bake a sponge cake. It does not contain any baking powder or baking soda and is prepared out of just three basic ingredients that are flour, sugar, and eggs. A sponge cake can be flavored in several ways so, in case you are thinking of gifting a sponge cake to someone, you can choose a flavor of their liking.

BAKED FLOURLESS CAKE: It typically includes all forms of cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, etc. that are prepared without using flour. It is just a variation of foam cake and these cakes contain comparatively more eggs as well as fats. This type of cake generally has a silky texture and needs to be baked carefully as there are more chances of it burning.

So, these are just a few types of cakes that you can gift to your special one on any occasion. In case, they live far from you, you can use any online gifting site to send the cake to them. Using such a site, you can conveniently go for an online cake order in Pakistan or any other country and get it delivered locally or globally.


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