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Buying Guide For Annex Matting

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Caravan annex flooring is a caravan owner’s and caravan park’s greatest friend while outside. Annex flooring completes your outside setup so you can enjoy your caravanning trip.

Annex caravan mat advantages include:

  • Reduce dirt tracked into RV
  • Comfortable outdoor shoes
  • Better ground ventilation
  • Better water and dirt dispersion

Depending on your needs, there are several types of annex matting. In addition to choosing the right size for your annex, you need also to consider the surface. In many RV parks, grass must be maintained.

Some save money by using cheap replacements. These may be comfortable, but they’re not as useful as an annex mat. Some caravanners substitute shade cloth for annex matting. Although the price is low, there are several drawbacks.

Shade cloth sold by the meter isn’t sufficiently strengthened around the edges, making it prone to fraying and ripping. Depending on the material, annex matting may need eyelets to be fastened. Sticking pins through shade cloth will also weaken it. Shade-weave cloths are tighter than a typical annex mat because it’s meant to block the sun. Dirt can’t easily pass through the weave, smothering the earth and killing the vegetation. Shade cloth is mainly made of woven fiberglass, making it slippery and perilous to walk on when wet.

Outback Equipment’s annex mats are all meant to remove dirt and water without killing underneath the grass, but their materials and designs differ.

Outback Explorer Annex Mat

Outback Explorer Multi-Purpose Annex Matting is one of the best mats for your mobile annex floor and offers a great bang for your dollars. PVC foam construction distinguishes this annex matting. This gives it a rubbery texture that feels gentler to walk on and improves traction under your feet and on the surface. Water and sand easily pass through the mesh, keeping it clean.

Because of its grip-like character, it doesn’t need eyelets to be pegged or held down and will sit open without gathering or shifting. Many people also use it to prevent goods from slipping on slick hard surfaces or in ute trays. PVC foam wears faster on abrasive surfaces like concrete or gravelly ground. This will shorten its lifespan, requiring replacement sooner.

Meshed Outback Explorer Annex

Outback Explorer Meshed Annex Matting is a durable and pleasant ground covering made from breathable, tight-weave cloth. The design keeps dirt and debris out of the mat while letting the grass breathe. Dirt may not come up, but it also won’t go down, thus a swift sweep is needed if you want clean bare feet. The rot-proof, UV-stabilized mesh has hemmed edges for robustness. A good shake or spray can restore its fresh appearance after your journey.

Camec Matting

This enhanced annex matting from Camec is similar to Outback Explorer Meshed Annex Matting. Testers found the original Camec matting’s open weave uncomfortable on hard ground. Open weaving also allowed dirt to be tracked into caravans. Due to the net-like material, the mat might stretch and collect if all the eyelets were not used.

New Camec matting has a tighter-woven, heavy-duty fabric that won’t bunch. The new carpet is a neutral hue to complement most caravans, down from a vivid green. The permeable membrane prevents bigger dirt particles, stones, and insects from killing the grass beneath. This enhanced matting is UV-stabilized and rot-proof. After usage, merely hose off.


The Enduromat is a high-end annex mat that’s worth the price. Caravan World’s Mike Pavey compares the Enduromat, created in Australia from PVC welded fiber, to a reinforced flyscreen. It’s smooth underfoot, looks attractive, and promotes grass growth in high-traffic areas, according to tests.

A smooth surface and tiny weave make it simple to sweep. Some caravanners found it slick when wearing shoes; however barefoot walking offered some resistance. It’s the only annex matting on the Australian market with a fire retardant and a smaller package than the others.

Most annex matting is versatile, making it excellent for camping, picnics, and most outdoor occasions. Outback Equipment provides caravan annex matting in various colors, sizes, and materials. A decent annex mat is an investment in your caravanning experience.

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