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BIGGEST DO’S and DON’TS of Twitch Streaming

by Ashish123

Today we’re gonna talk about not only 10 things you shouldn’t do on twitch but 10 things you should do instead and number 7 is going to blow your mind.

Also, BuzzFeed wrote this I don’t even know which 17 it’s 1 which 1 is the asset 7 before 4 is pretty crazy though maybe let’s just over the first 1 but here’s the deal with every single mistake people make twitch. If you are a twitch streamer then you may face twitch error 2000.

They’re usually very close to something you should be doing you’re just going about it the wrong way slight little adjustments are gonna push you in the right direction.

So I’m gonna talk about both I was originally going to do a video about the 10 biggest mistakes people make but I need to be a little more positive you know there’s no reason for me to tell you what not to do that I don’t turn around and tell you things that you should do right.

So let’s get started and the very first thing that you should do is a very important 1 you understand a little bit more if you watched my article last week on the loneliness that a lot of streamers can feel on twitch you need to make sure that you’re reminding yourself before every stream I’m not talking about like saying a ritual in your head I just mean convince yourself that you are worthy. Be sure to use the twitch AdBlock when you start streaming.


To stream in front of thousands of people you are not a small stream you are a streamer that just hasn’t found your audience yet and you are capable of great things at the moment you recognize that it’s going to be the moment that your viewers recognize that.

When you start treating yourself like a professional street right now the thing that you should absolutely avoid with this is feeling like the world owes you, viewers because you’re going live sh which should help you find yours of the world should help you find yourself not the world’s job that’s not twitches job.

Which is there to build an engaging platform you are there to build an audience that is entirely your job your viewers don’t owe you anything if they stop showing up it’s because you stopped providing entertainment may come to twitch when they want to relax and be entertained and enjoy their time.

If they’re not enjoying it they’re not gonna show up so if you do stream and none of your viewers that normally show up for there don’t get upset with them reflect on what can you do to change what can you do to make your next dream more exciting to watch okay let’s move on to something a little more straightforward K. do pick a game that will help you grow.

Don’t take a game based on how many people are watching this is one of the weirdest pieces of advice is that I’ve heard big streamers talk about picking a game that’s not the top game because no one’s gonna find you and if you’re streaming for less than 10 people no one is going to scroll down and find you no matter what game you’re playing.

Lower game and play

So don’t scroll down on the list to a lower game and play a less fun game because you think people are going to find you you need to get sound completely different ways which are actually next once moved to in a second you should be picking a game that you have fun playing you should play a game that you’re good at you should play a game that you can choose to engage with your audience.

For example, I love super smash brothers I don’t stream super smash brothers because it’s such a fast-paced game that I will not have a moment to pay attention to the chat I do play battle royales because I also like shooters and there’s so much downtime between flights that I can engage my chat to have fun with the games that are most entertaining for viewers to watch not games that you’re going to get you found.

The way usually gets sound is number 3 starts a YouTube channel it was a brilliant algorithm plus it’s a very searchable platform I mean the whole video on it when done description below it’s talking about getting found using other social media platforms what you shouldn’t do is take clips from your stream and re-upload them to YouTube compilations.

Let me explain why because I know you’re gonna say well Chaco taco does it and shroud does it and all these big streamers do it that’s because they’re big streamers you need to take a look at your following and figure out why you’re uploading switch platform.

Uploading to YouTube

If you’re uploading to YouTube to bring in viewers to watch you on twitch you need to be creating original content that gets found on twitch and then brings those people over if you’re already big on switch like Sharon chopper taco endanger you take that content that’s already doing really well and you repurpose it on YouTube.

Your remonetizing it again brings yourself twice the impact these big streamers are making YouTube videos to help them grow once which they’re making YouTube videos to remonetize their twitch content you’re trying to use.

You too to bring the following over to twitch which means you need to be making original content there and then bringing them over to your twitch streams got it. Good.

The next one does use multiple platforms set up a YouTube channel set up an Instagram set up a Twitter make sure you’re engaged on all of them and use them to bring over to twitch do not use re-stream the I. O.

If you’re not familiar with restrained out I’ll basically fire up your stream and it broadcasts it to every single platform so you’re streaming live on mixer and Facebook and twitch and YouTube all at the same time this is a bad idea I know this seems like a great idea.

Because you’re reaching more people how can it be a bad thing but I’m gonna try to help you understand why this is really hurtful to your image don’t you remember this person will always see you the same way that you see yourself for example if you’re talking to people popping in discouraging hate please help me hit 100 followers.

So close you’ll come off like a charity case and people know if they come to watch your stream they’re not doing it because it’s gonna be fun to watch they’re doing it because you asked them to and it’s going to be a chore for them, by the way, this is what’s called your brand to the way people feel when they think about a business or entity or you in this situation is the brand.

Cool athletic

What do you feel when you think about 19 probably cool athletic right what do you feel when you think about yes most of you are probably thinking sleazy money-grubbing that’s their brand.

Now they’ve ruined their brand the essence of your brand is this if you imagine one of your viewers explaining your son of their friends how would they explain in one or 2 sentences that your brain when you use restraint I’ll what you’re basically saying is I’m so desperate for any viewer that I’m willing to ruin the engaging experience on twitch or whatever platform you choose by a splitting my chat room into 5 different chat room.

So when I’m talking to this one these people don’t know what I’m talking about I’m talking this one these people don’t know what I’m talking about because I don’t think I can grow on one and I don’t know how to use social media to use them all separately you’re no longer an entertainer using the platform to entertain.

You’re now a gamer who’s desperate to be watched by anybody who might stumble across build a brand that’s why said for was a doozy it’s all done. Hello from here pretty simple stuff number 5 do you remind people to follow and subscribe on twitch however Jones big fort there are a lot of people that are afraid to bring up subscriptions or following.

Because they feel like it’s selling out they feel like they’re begging for there’s a fine line between reminding people to follow and subscribe and asking people to follow and subscribe asking people makes them feel like it’s a favor for you reminding them makes them feel like there are benefits that they’re not taking advantage.


It’s a very subtle difference but it is a big difference I make sure I do everything I can to make the subscriptions worth it from creative emotes to rituals that we haven’t Schatz where whenever someone subscribes we use one of my modems.

We try to build a pyramid out of the amounts it’s fun and it’s engaging and whenever I talk about subscriptions whether it’s talking about today’s sub-goal talking about what we’re gonna do when we had 1000 subs whenever I bring it up.

Because I asked them to subscribe because I reminded them that it’s an option and all 4 of these people would have been willing to subscribe anyway they just didn’t think about it because obviously as a streamer I think about it more than that it reminds them speaking of which follow me on twitch.

There’s plenty of research on the subject of building a brand as an individual if you are an individual on people are following you and not a company your face as a profile picture is going to do 100 times better than a lot.

So get yourself a decent logo use fiber or something you can get one for like 40 Bucks to use it on your streaming in your profile then take a picture of you and put it as your profile picture and give it some personality don’t provide pictures like this big.

Stream schedule

Make sure you’re dealing out the whole thing number 7 make yourself a stream schedule. But most importantly don’t stream everyday streaming every day is only worthwhile if you have a couple of 0 stuff.

If you’re making enough money to do a full-time stream every day streaming every day is not going to get you down which is got this weird thing where the top 10 people of any game are gonna get clicked on all the time.

Because they’re right there in your face and every click on the game anything below the top 10 nobody clicks on so being alive and being there isn’t going to get you more people if you can bring that back to 2 or 3 days a week.

And spend those extra 3 to 4 days making your content putting Instagram videos together getting yourself out there and noticed and bringing those people over to which you have set days to stream.

So they know when you’re gonna believe it is a much better use of your time don’t stream every day number 8 let’s talk about sponsors this is a personal favorite of people to talk about in my chat do create a personal brand and proper environments that is very marketable for brands and other businesses to sponsor you this is why not just stop swearing it’s acts of a very good business decision.

Jones sign yourself over to the first sponsor that wants to put their name on your check if you have less than. 30 viewers the sponsors getting very little out of it so chances are they’re going to give you Littleton’s you are not getting exposure.

You are being taken advantage of if you think objectively about what you have to offer a brand at the moment you honestly can’t see it as a good business decision you’re probably being taken advantage of that doesn’t mean every opportunity.

Online stream teams

About the opportunity I’m just saying don’t jump at the opportunity to get a sponsor because it makes you feel legitimate it doesn’t help you it helps them I see it all the time with these online stream teams that have you put their sponsors all over you.

You’re streaming you put their name in the title sometimes they have 20 streamers on the team sometimes they have 100 and the streamers don’t even get the product out of it they’re literally getting nothing out of it but they want that sponsor there.

Because it makes them feel wanted they are being taken advantage of just be careful don’t jump at the first sponsor that runs away okay number 9 do you invest in equipment that makes your stream more entertaining the bar has been raised for the quality of twitch streams in 2019.

You’re gonna need to have a decent set up however Jones by gadgets that just make it more fun for you well your stream if ever you’re about to make a purchase you ask yourself is this going to make history more entertaining for the viewers.


If it’s gonna be more entertaining for the viewers your channel’s gonna grow you’re going to start making more money then you can spend that money that you make monthly now.

Stuff that you want to gain with whether that’s a new GPU are new mouse or you share whatever stuff that’s more fun for you spend your last dollar on that spend your first dollar on stuff that makes it more fun for people to try to turn that dollar into more dollars and then spend the more dollars on the stuff you want.

Some exams and the number 10 do become a part of the community you can find friends and teammates and great people that are gonna be there along the way in somebody else’s discourse don’t spam your content or your twitch U. R. L. in somebody else’s community and for the love of God.

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