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best wooden almirah design for your house

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An almirah is more than just a storage space in which you keep your clothes. In fact, it is multifunctional as it will also serve as bedroom decor. In this article, when it comes to bedroom wooden almirah designs, we have put together some of the best options that you can choose from. Wooden almirahs are the most common and widely used storage units in the house. A wood almirah design for a bedroom will give it a warm and rustic look. Wooden almirah designs usually go well with any kind of bedroom style which makes them the preferred option for many homes. You can also choose between different textures and colours according to the décor of your home. You can consider a built-in storage space in which you will be able to display the home décor items or for storing anything. Small bedrooms are a hard reality in today’s world where real estate is getting more expensive with every passing day. If you have a small bedroom, choose wooden almirah designs which can be fixed to the wall.  Let us look at some of the good bedroom wooden almirah designs for your house.


  1. Go in for a floor-to-ceiling wooden wall almirah which will save precious floor space as it is built into your bedroom wall and extends right upto the ceiling. It will give you a lot of storage because of the numerous shelves.
  2. A multi-level wooden almirah with hinged doors is a stunning option. The multi-shelf unit will provide a lot of storage space in your bedroom.
  3. Bedroom wooden wardrobe designs with mirrors offer a lot of benefits. Apart from being a dressing space, a walk-in cupboard with a mirror will give very a modern and sophisticated appearance to the bedroom.
  4. A simple light brown wooden cupboard design is ever stylish and always remains in vogue. There are fewer alternatives to the classic wooden almirah designs.
  5. A chic trendy wooden almirah design is one with sliding doors in a nice warm brown colour.
  6. Burnt wood finishes in a dark chocolate shade are a very popular colour for all kinds of wooden cupboard designs. Placing the wooden almirah with a dressing table will look good in both traditional and contemporary styles.
  7. For people who are not too fond of dark colours can go in for a white wooden almirah design. It will give a simple, classy, and minimalistic look to the wardrobe.
  8. You can also jazz up the bedroom by going in for a mix of colours in the wooden almirah designs. For example, mix blue and white, to create a unique design. This bedroom wooden almirah design is simply marvellous.


Almirahs are a great addition to your homes as they not only look good but also offer an ample amount of storage space for all your stuff. If you were confused about how to choose the wooden almirah designs for your bedroom, we have provided a list of the trending bedroom wooden almirah designs to help make a good selection.

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