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Best Ways to Market Your Music on YouTube-[7 Tips]

by emma
best way to market your music

I can’t wait to share with you how I was able to get some of my songs over 100K listens/views. Numerous opportunities and incredible new studio clients have resulted from this.

As an illustration, consider my song I Can’t Say ILY. In about a month, I went from getting a few hundred views to getting over 100,000! I will reveal my techniques and walk you through the process in this special manual.

Please remember that there is no miraculous cure. It requires perseverance and imagination. But this will get you there much more quickly than the trial-and-error method I had to use!

All right, let’s get going.

Here are the 7 ways to make your song go viral:



Having something worth sharing is the first step in making your music go viral. Either it must be so excellent that people are compelled to share it (like Beyonce), or it must be accompanied by a media element that appeals to your target demographic. Consider Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road; after the song went viral, his music career took off. He blended country with trap to create a unique song, but simply releasing it would not have been sufficient.

Prior to the song’s success, Lil Nas X used his music as the inspiration for roughly 100 distinct memes. A YouTube influencer noticed one of the memes, and before you knew it, everyone was talking about it!

You must exercise creativity. What topic is dominating media coverage at the moment? Consider how you can use that to your creation’s advantage. Here are some best way to market your music on YouTube.

You can either learn how to do it yourself or have your song professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered. Create the beat yourself if you want to save some cash and are skilled in production, and then have your vocals professionally recorded.

I work with my clients to create a lot of songs from scratch, but I also have a lot of clients who provide me a background track, and I record, mix, and produce their voices before mastering the whole song.

Simply put, it ought to be enjoyable enough for listeners to do it repeatedly. Bon Iver won two Grammys for recording his entire debut album in a cabin with a $100 microphone (a Shure SM57).

For your music, create a video component. Whether it’s a music video or you playing your new song on your smartphone while driving and singing to random people in a mall parking lot, haha. Connecting with the listeners you want to hear your music is the goal. For this, video works best.

Observing what you and your friends are sharing is a fantastic approach to discover instances of information that deserves to be shared. Is it amusing, surprising, or actually moving? Then, take the song and consider what you could add to the video to make it compelling enough to share. Additionally, controversy can be effective, but only if done tastelessly.


When you first begin, no one is familiar with you! You are aware of one thing, though: other musicians have an influence on your music. The secret is to research the super fans of musicians who make music that is similar to yours and are at the level you want to be. Describe the similarities between them in great detail. Exists a typical age range? Do they attend classes or work? Are they married or single, etc.? All of this data is available on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Data is power, so keep that in mind. You will be able to find and engage with your potential audience through your content if you can enter their heads.


Be honest! Talk about your shortcomings, frailties, problems, joys, and successes. People connect with each other, not with things. You may establish a genuine connection with your audience when you display your human side.

Sincerely, I still have a hard time with this. I find it challenging to be open on social media, and I believe this has stunted my development. The Instagram stories where I fully exposed myself and spoke directly to my iPhone camera had the greatest interaction.

Take Cardi B as an example; she is who she is and doesn’t give a damn what people think. Because of this, people either adore her or despise her. Being controversial and unapologetic about who you are is much preferable to being so inactive that no one will ever remember you.

That do you know who doesn’t enjoy watching movies or television? nasty either. We do it because we enjoy a good tale! Show the ascent, be open about your challenges, arouse anticipation, and acknowledge your accomplishments. Send your potential supporters on a trip they won’t want to miss. Allow them to participate and observe as you spark a movement that will propel you to success.


You now have access to many people who can help you advance your career thanks to the internet. You have access to me because you are reading this. We are associated! You are welcome to send me a mix to master from anywhere in the world or even come here to record a song!

When you stop to think about it, most people seldom ever use the Internet for personal development. They simply pass the time by binge-watching Netflix and amusing prank videos.

Every songwriter, executive of a record label, musician, and entrepreneur is on social media! You can get in touch with them. Making a LinkedIn account for your music brand is one action you can take right away to network.

You may use mine as an illustration here. You may find playlist curators and a lot of people in the industry who can assist you accelerate your growth through LinkedIn and other social media networks. There are countless opportunities.

You must first ADD VALUE when networking (online or in person) in order to forge genuine connections! You owe no one anything. You might anticipate receiving no response or being blocked if you simply ask someone you don’t know to perform something for you.

Without expecting anything in return, you want to find out more about them in order to understand how you might make their lives simpler. Do you possess a talent they could use? Do they have an issue that you can resolve?

These are the kinds of inquiries you ought to be making of yourself. Serving others will open doors of opportunity for you and bring abundance into your life like never before. After a long day of work, I’m writing this free post for you right now at 9:39 PM at a Starbucks because I’m passionate about helping you! This gives me energy and enables me to interact with incredible people while doing what I love. Just watch what happens as you begin to change your perspective from “What can I gain” to “How can I serve.” The pieces will start fitting together.


You can do everything mentioned above and still only have your mother listen to your music, hehe. I’m exaggerating, but you must utilise the power of digital marketing to add fuel to the fire!

You are already aware of what I’m referring to.

Those advertisements must have appeared everywhere on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You must locate the people who can relate to your brand in order to become viral. As previously noted, if you know who your target market is, you can utilise that information to find them online and target them there.

There are other excellent tactics I have employed that have had an effect, but to list them all here would require you to read too much. I can tell you all about it if you book a training session with me for music improvement right here. I am excited to meet you.


Your total success will be quickly impacted if you devote all of your energy to the endgames (the really important ones).

The equivalent of fantasising of winning the lotto is concentrating solely on the big finish. When the result does not match your expectations, you begin to lose concentration on the smaller aspects and become frustrated.

An illustration of this kind of thinking would be to ignore the enormous number of newspapers prepared to sign you and support your success while aspiring to get published in Rolling Stone.

Keep in mind that there are several steps you must complete before you can reach your endgame or final goal. If you focus on them, success will come to you.


Don’t just focus on making money from your music. Prior to looking for work, concentrate more on building a following and a fan base across many platforms. Your fan following will keep growing as you get more well-known, which will increase your sales.


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