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Best Tools for Adding An Instagram Feed to a Website

Instagram Feed

by RubyQuinn
Instagram Feed


When it comes to expanding a company’s consumer base on Instagram, the best strategy is to use creative thinking. The hardest element of brand marketing is coming up with new ideas on a consistent basis. If originality and imagination are so difficult to come by, then how do people consistently produce them?

Leave it to our imaginative folk, who log on to Instagram often to make engaging content that brings delight to the viewers. The usage of user-generated content is a powerful tool for brands looking to broaden their audience and earn consumers’ confidence.

Roll out your brand’s hashtag on Instagram. Share some creative content to get people excited about your hashtag promotion. In this approach, you may develop a lot of user-generated content (UGC) about your brand, which will help spread the word further.

Incentivize participation in your campaign by offering discounts, deals, or rewards to those who submit the best content. You may even add an hashtag feed to your website.

Instagram is great for telling brand stories since it facilitates interaction with consumers, provides in-house data, and is widely used. Instagram’s usefulness to companies extends beyond the app itself to its online presence as well.

Your brand’s IG profile, along with hashtag postings, may be embedded on a website. This is the most effective method for directing website visitors to a user’s IG page.


What Are The Benefits Of Adding Instagram Photos To Your Website?

The popularity of social media platforms has skyrocketed in recent years. Almost everyone you know has a Facebook account.

Among these platforms, Instagram is one that has tremendous potential for brands and organizations. Five hundred million people use Instagram every day, making it a potentially lucrative marketing channel for any company. It follows that including an Instagram feed on a website is yet another effective method of advertising a product or service. 

Here are the top five reasons why you should add an IG feed to your website right now:


1. Using testimonials to boost sales

Social proofs from hashtags are a great way to let potential customers know what it’s like to use your product or service.


2. Get people to spend more time on the site

Your website’s visitors will be drawn in by the gorgeous interactivity and engaging content provided by an Instagram gallery embedded on your site. The outcome is a lower bounce rate and a longer average time spent on your site by visitors.


3. Produce Content Made By Users

Yes, user-generated content from Instagram that you integrate may help your brand gain additional user-generated content. Inspiring and motivating your website’s users to use your brand’s hashtag on posts increases the likelihood that their own content will be included on your site.


4. Boost seasonal content and deals

Maximize your profits this season. Customers may see your social media deals and advertisements right on your website by embedding Instagram feeds.


5. Improve Instagram’s visibility and exposure

The likelihood that more people will see your Instagram posts increases dramatically when you integrate your feed into a website. More people will see your posts and follow you if you buy automatic Instagram story views for your videos as a whole and individual posts will gain exposure.

As we have shown, there are several advantages to using Instagram feeds on websites. The big question is how. How can I integrate Instagram photographs on my website, and what is the best Instagram tool for doing so?

Don’t stress over it, okay? We’ve compiled a list of the top Instagram embedding tools to help you get started. 


Tools For Easily Integrate Your IG Images Into Your Website


1. Idukki

The rise of Instagram as a marketing platform has been hailed as a watershed moment in the history of social media; to capitalize on this trend, you’ll need an Instagram aggregator or Instagram wall tool like Idukki to facilitate your online networking on Instagram.

Using Idukki, you may embed photographs, videos, and snaps from Instagram that have been retrieved using a user’s chosen hashtags and handles.

It’s the equivalent of devoting a portion of your website to IG feeds, where users may upload photos that showcase your company in a positive light.

Here are some of Idukki’s advantages.

Obviously, there are a plethora of advantages. To begin with, it enhances the aesthetic appeal of your website, which in turn increases its ability to attract and retain visitors.

Secondly, adding an Instagram feed gallery to your website does more than simply improve its aesthetics; it also improves the quality of the information you already have. The user-generated material displayed on the integrated Instagram wall significantly improves the overall relevance of your web pages.

As a third point, Idukki has fantastic advertising tools, including a variety of aggregating channels, moderation, customization choices, analytics data, and more. If you want to showcase Instagram content on your website in the most innovative and entertaining way, this tool is a must-have.


2. SnapWidget

If you want to include Instagram in your website, you’ll need a program that has several widgets, each of which has its own set of features and capabilities.

SnapWidget’s extensive features include the ability to filter Instagram photographs by user name, add a map of the photo’s location, make slideshows of chosen Instagram photos, and give a scrolling banner.

It’s totally free, quick to install, flexible in appearance, and simple to transfer. By just entering your Instagram credentials and clicking the “Get Widget” button, this tool will generate the necessary HTML Code for you to embed your IG feed on your site or blog.


3. Authorized Instagram Embedding

With the expansion of its capability, Instagram now allows its users to embed their feeds and photo postings on external websites.

Since it comes directly from IG, it is one of the safest methods to embed your Instagram feed on a website. The process is straightforward and reliable.

Easy embedding is as simple as visiting the post you want to embed and copying the code from there. Simply copy and paste it into the HTML editor in your website’s backend to start embedding Instagram photographs. The one catch is that you’ll need to manually enter each post.


4. 10Web

How about a solution that lets you embed an Instagram feed onto your website with minimal effort and maximum personalization? Similar functionality may be found in the 10Web social picture feed plugin.

It gives you the option of presenting the feeds from your IG profile in a visually beautiful manner. With this plugin, users may display their photos in a variety of attractive formats, including thumbnails, masonry, an image browser, a blog-style layout, an endless scroll, and many more. It’s a great tool for drawing in IG followers and other visitors to your website.

It’s the best Instagram plugin for WordPress, period. The social photo feed plugin by 10Web is optimized for search engines. This plugin is simple to install and will allow you to showcase IG galleries on your website.


5. LightWidget

If you want to add an Instagram feed to your website, LightWidget is a fantastic resource. Because of its flexible layout options, it has earned the moniker “Responsive Widget for Instagram.”

LightWidget is a fantastic solution if you want to integrate responsive, stylish, and engaging Instagram feeds on your website, and it’s also search engine optimization (SEO) friendly and very customizable.


6. EmbedSocial

EmbedSocial is a platform that allows users to easily create and embed social network content such as feeds, reviews, stories, albums, and forms on their websites.

The app includes IG own widget with its suite of customizable features. Using EmbedSocial, you can make a customized Instagram widget for your site.

EmbedSocial offers ten or more IG feed styles to help you showcase your photos in style. Since you have full discretion over user-generated material, you may remove it from feeds at any moment if necessary. Nearly every website builder and shopping cart software is compatible with it.



It’s not simple to get to the top of Google’s search results, and it’s much more challenging to stay there. One trendy strategy to increase organic traffic is to include IG feeds on your site.

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