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Best Things to do in Florida

by Manish Nigam
Best Things to do in Florida

Florida is famous for its theme parks and beautiful beaches. And what else would you expect from an area as sunny as Florida? Interesting right? The wonderful places to visit in Florida are just perfect for your wrist turn. And Florida is home to the Cross Florida Greenway, which you can take cycling, as well as rowing and kayaking on one of the 1,000 lakes. The state’s beauty is the perfect place to enjoy outdoor activities. In this article, we will share some of the best things to do in Florida, to have the most exciting trip in the USA.

You will cruise up and down the coast as you admire the various locales that make it so great. As you explore gorgeous mountains and beaches, you will come across an endless range of lovely places to relax and relieve your mind. A visit to Florida’s landscape will offer you an opportunity to observe an exceptionally colorful variety of personalities; north of Orlando, a friendly sense of hospitality is hard to miss in Jacksonville; south of Orlando, an even more diverse range of cultures is on display in Miami.

Top Ranked Attractions in Florida

1. St. Augustine Ghost Tours

St AUGUSTINE is the earliest city in the United States, so great that you might not have to check out the rattling places to go ghost hunting there. Should you want to, you can take the ghost tour in the evenings on an old trolley. Get yourself on board and venture past lots of the most scary haunts in the city like the ST AUGUSTINE. He or she will see the old burial grounds older than the 1900s, and a turn-of-the-century schoolhouse.


EPCOT Playhouse, presently in the France pavilion, has recently hosted the premiere of a new attraction featuring characters from Disney films, such as the Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. And the brand-new Space 220 restaurant, where you could feel like you’re dining 220 miles above the earth (it’s made to make guests feel as if they are orbiting the planet). Disney is developing a new dark ride heavy on Marvel characters titled Guardians of the Galaxy. An attraction based on a Disney movie is slated to be brought into Epcot.

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3. Magic Kingdom Park

Walt Disney World is the single most popular vacation spot on earth, and a visit to Florida’s state isn’t adequate without a visit to Magic Kingdom Park. With its immersive rides (such as the Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, and Space Mountain), the park is a prerequisite for many of Florida’s visitors this 2018, as it marks the 50th anniversary of WDW. Disney World is presenting a magnificent coup in which you can explore its attractions around the clock—courtesy of the 50th Anniversary Celebration Guide, your tour guide to the event. Let your inner child (or true children, for that matter) shine by visiting while the fun is still in full swing.

4. Disney’s Hollywood Studios

You can live out your Star Wars fantasies at Disney World ‘s Hollywood Studios to pilot the Millennium Falcon at SYE ‘s Edge or you can explore Slinky Dog ‘s fun in Toy Story Land. The Tower of Terror can drop you 13 stories if you’re not afraid of heights. Go across the street to grab a relaxing tropical drink at The Hollywood Brown Derby any time when you need a casual evening out. Here, guests can go on to enjoy a classic Disney animated movie, Beauty and the Beast, complete with a live musical performance.

5. Everglades Airboat Tours

The Florida Everglades is a region in which you can see many types of wildlife, including panthers, alligators, and snakes. One good way to visit this rich area is to take a swamp airboat piloted by an expert naturalist. The boatís fast pace is what sets this activity apart from the rest, so keep your eyes open for wildlife.

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