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Best Picnic Spots In The US | Travel Guide

by Mikeadword
Best Picnic Spots In The US

People living in the States appear to be always having fun with the world. However, this is not true. As exciting as their lives may seem from afar, it’s much more hectic with the daily routine. If you are from any city in the US, you know what we are talking about.

They get distinct from their families and are always looking for ways to get together, even fr a few hours. Picnics are the ultimate solution. A day out with your kids, closer to nature and cost-effective, is the best surprise you can give to your family. You can also save a lot on your travel with a cheap Alaska Airlines booking.

We have listed the top 5 places that are worth all your time and are jam-packed with a lot of fun. These beautiful open spaces are perfect for you to take a break and reconnect with your loved ones.

Explorer Best Picnic Spots In The US

Central Park, New York City

New York City is known for its thrill, nightlife, and colorful lights. But there are many people who are unaware of the glory it has when the sun is bright up in the sky. One of the best places to spend ur family day out when you are in New York City is the renowned Central Park. Friends fans must be very well aware of this beauty in the middle of the city. This 843 acres o gland is a true example of natural beauty.

Walden Pond, Massachusetts

If you want to add a little extra to your picnic, take your kids to Walden Pond and introduce them to a few bits of Massachusetts history. This pond is exactly where Henry David gave birth to his book “Walden.” not only can you spread your picnic here, but also have fun at the zoo, boathouse, restaurants, and the carousels.

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Point Dume, California

Point Dume in California is a perfect picnic spot for family and friends who love to go hiking together. It is like two adventures on one vacation. This place has some of the best hiking trails near the California coast. This location might seem similar while you enjoy your glass of wine. This is because many scenes from some of the best Hollywood movies were shot right here.

Red Rocks Park, Colorado

This might seem astounding to you. The moment you enter Red Rocks Park, you will see red mountains. The reason behind their color is years of oxidation. You can hike up o the top of the mountains, and that’s where you can enjoy your picnic while enjoying the fantastic views. Make sure you check out the Red Rock Amphitheatre before you leave for your home.

Mount Bonnell, Texas

Also known as the Covert Park, Mount Bonnell in Texas is yet another location to bring your picnic basket and hiking shoes together. The best part that makes this place different from most of the picnic spots is the two picnic benches that were made in 1940. Those two benches still exist, and you can arrange your picnic right there.


Don’t wait up. Pack your picnic basket, your mat, and everything you need, get your Spirit Airlines Reservations done. Fly out to the US this weekend and make some beautiful memories with your beloved ones.

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