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Best Free Torrent Sites to Download eBooks in 2022

by grabtech
free torrent sites to download ebooks

Books are love for the books readers they love to read the books they want to whether they are online or offline which means whether they are in hard copy or in soft copy. And we all know that ebooks are a good option for the users as the users can get the books for free as well as the books will occupy no extra place in your homes for your books and you can very easily store them in your mobile phone or in your laptop or tablet whichever device you are using.

But it is not an easy task to find the books you want online easily as well as get them free too. And this is why the users often refer to the torrent sites to get the books and articles they want to and also download them free of cost and this is why they keep on looking for free torrent sites to download ebooks.

If you are not able to find them then do not worry as in this blog we are going to provide you with the best torrent sites where you will get the app the ebooks you want to so let us begin to know about it in this blog.

Best torrent sites you must use when you are looking for ebooks –

1. Lib gen

This website will present a library genesis in front of you and will also present a catalog of tons and tons of books for indie ebooks which you can access. And not only can this but the users also use filters like ISBN, year, publisher, etc. This website is accessible on android devices as well as for the users for a better experience.

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2. Internet archive books catalog

This digital library has free ebook download torrents as it has a huge collection of books for the users and has over 30 million books from various libraries for the readers accessing this website.

And the best and most amazing part of this website is that they do not even need to create a user account for this website to access it and also to download books from this site. All these things can be done without any effort on this website and the users will surely like this website.

3. Project Gutenberg

Another torrent site that the users can refer to is project Gutenberg where they will get the best ebooks they can want. On this website, the users can access the vast collection of books or you can say ebooks and the users can also look for books from various genres and they will get the download section very easily on this website also so that they can use it and access it to get the best ebooks they want to.

4. The Pirate Bay

With a very easy and simple interface to navigate the users can very easily access all the information you want to or you can get all the ebooks you want from this website and the users can every ebook they are looking for on this site.

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