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Benefits of hiring business setup consultants in the UAE | RadiantBiz

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Business setup consultant in Dubai

Dubai has gained popularity as a business and investment destination worldwide. It is renowned for its business friendliness, adaptable legislation, and potential for global expansion. Yes, it has a solid legal system, a business-friendly climate, and attractive tax policies, all of which offer investors the best investment chances.

Considering all the simple alternatives to business setup, there may still be difficulties preventing investors from business setup consultants. To gain an accurate image of how you might approach the process of setting up your business in the UAE, you need the correct help from an experienced business setup expert in Dubai. 

Major challenges for new entrepreneurs 

Let’s go over all of the common challenges you can run into while setting up your business in Dubai:

  • Communication lag 

The biggest difficulty that a foreign investor can encounter is the language barrier because Arabic is the official language of Dubai and many foreigners who are trying to establish up business in Dubai may find it challenging. You must gain knowledge of the local language, cultural norms, and festivals to have an impact on the business and the employees you will be working with. 

  • Banking services 

Banking services for businesses can be a little daunting for foreigners. Customers in the UAE receive outstanding corporate banking support from RadiantBiz. We are the best in the business and can handle all of your financial needs because we have more than 15 years of experience in the banking sector. In order for your business to run effectively, we assist you in opening a business bank account in Dubai with the leading local and foreign banks in the UAE. We will take into account every aspect so that we can provide you with 360-degree support while you choose the right bank for your needs.

  •  Limited financial resources

Lack of finance is the biggest obstacle to beginning a new business in Dubai. The most frequent problems are a lack of capital and bank support. The importance of long-term investment and startup company models are concepts that many banks and investors are unfamiliar with.

In order to address the needs of business owners, the majority of venture capitalists, business accelerators, angel investment networks, and crowdfunding platforms frequently fall short.

  • The necessity of finding a local business partner

However, not all business setups on Dubai’s mainland require a local sponsor. Professional businesses, for instance, can be completely owned by foreigners and don’t need a local sponsor or a partnership with an Emirati. Small businesses in Dubai and the rest of the UAE, like hair salons, cafeterias, coffee shops, IT services, licenses for consulting firms, and so on, can operate with 100% ownership and don’t need a local partner.

Businesses like general trading that need commercial licenses do need a local sponsor that holds at least 51% of the company’s stock. The position presented by this clause may be difficult for overseas investors.

  • Increasing market competition

Dubai is a commercial hotspot that draws many new investors from around the world, thus the market competition is a hurdle you would undoubtedly encounter if you were operating a firm there. Entrepreneurs must continuously prioritize quality and ongoing innovation in order to promote corporate efficiency and keep a competitive edge.

  • Strict government regulations and laws

The difficulty of complying with all the laws and regulations of the government taxes in Dubai is a significant obstacle that any foreign investor would encounter when setting up a business there. Many business owners find it difficult to understand legal and compliance frameworks, ownership arrangements, and governmental requirements. This also occurs as a result of ongoing revisions to Dubai’s tax and company rules.

  • Visa permits 

When planning to launch a business in the UAE, obtaining a business visa is crucial. It means that you entered the country lawfully. However, there may be certain challenges for foreigners, such as the length of the process or maintaining the integrity of the documents. As a result, it is advised to get advice from a knowledgeable business setup consultant in the area. RadiantBiz has helped clients from all over the world. When it comes to obtaining a business visa in the UAE, our PRO services are the best. We can offer you full-service support for setting up your business in the nation.

Overcoming business setup challenges in the UAE with RadiantBiz 

When it comes to locating experienced assistance with business startups and expansion in Dubai, Radiantbiz is a well-known name. We are the best business setup consultants in Dubai. Our team of professionals is well-versed in all legal requirements and is focused on making sure that the establishment of your business in Dubai proceeds without a hitch. We will walk you through the potential hazards and available options for any legal concerns as a top business setup consultant in Dubai.

Our professionals will help you develop your business in Dubai by utilizing their industry knowledge, skills, and tenacity. Visa, PRO, corporate banking services, and licensing processes are all acquainted with our specialists. Our assistance with our clients’ asset protection and liability management extends throughout the full process of business creation.

Dubai offers a range of business structures and sectors to choose from, making it an attractive destination for global investors. The process typically begins by selecting a company name and ensuring its availability for registration. Entrepreneurs then need to decide on the business activities they intend to engage in and determine the appropriate legal structure, such as mainland, free zone, or offshore. Subsequently, the necessary licenses and permits must be obtained, and a registered office space secured. Dubai’s strategic location, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and tax incentives further contribute to its allure for Register company in Dubai, offering businesses a platform for regional and international growth.

You won’t have to worry about the inconveniences you would typically have while working without our support if you have us working for you. All of your paperwork, trade licenses, and other approvals will be handled by us. Furthermore, we have in-depth knowledge of corporate finance, visa clearances, office space, and third-party permissions.


  • Is Dubai a good place to launch a business?

Yes, without a doubt, Dubai is the ideal location to launch your business.

With flexible laws and regulations, Dubai is the finest option for an entrepreneur. Start a firm there and you’ll see that it’s better than most industrialized nations.

  • Does the UAE let foreigners start businesses in the country?

Absolutely, and a lot of foreigners do open enterprises in the UAE. Specifically Dubai! The local population is made up of almost 80% foreigners, many of whom operate their own enterprises. Dubai actively recruits overseas entrepreneurs and investors.

  • How long does it typically take to obtain a business license to set up a business in the UAE?

It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact time when the company license will be issued. While obtaining a license on your own can take many weeks, working with a reputable company setup expert like RadiantBiz makes it possible to do so in as little as a few hours, and frequently in as little as 24 hours.

  • What are the basic steps for establishing a business in Dubai Free Zone?

The steps to take while starting a business setup in Dubai free zones are as follows:

  • Select your company’s industry and any associated activities.
  • Choose a company name in accordance with government regulations
  • Contact the relevant free zone authorities to request a trading license.
  • Obtain the necessary authorities’ final approvals.
  • Open a bank account for your company.
  • What would be the cost of starting a business in the UAE?

The cost of a business startup completely depends on the nature of your business, type of business activities, license, number of visas, office setup, etc. To get a rough estimate, visit the official website of RadiantBiz, and use the cost calculator to get an instant estimate of a business setup in the UAE. 

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