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Benefits of a Freestanding Water Cooler in the Office

by DarahAlbesa
A freestanding water cooler in an office setting.

When you’re well-hydrated, you become more energised and can tackle the day. There are many more advantages that come with an office-designated freestanding water cooler. Here are some great reasons to start placing water coolers around the workplace.

Improve Productivity

Dehydration can adversely affect an individual’s cognitive function and energy levels. An accessible freestanding water cooler where employees can refill their glass or bottle makes it easier for them to stay hydrated throughout the day. Clean water works wonders in increasing one’s productivity and recharging their body.

Keep Workers Happy and Healthy

Adequate hydration reduces tiredness throughout the day. Water coolers throughout your office will remind your staff to drink their water. Drinking the recommended amount of water daily promotes a healthier lifestyle. You’ll be surprised to know you can get the same buzz from a cold glass of water as you do with a hot cup of joe!

Hot and Cold Water in an Instant

Your employees can save plenty of time in the breakroom with a freestanding water cooler in the area. A water cooler usually offers hot and cold water with one press. This handy appliance eliminates the time they’d take to boil water for their coffee or tea. They can also access refreshing ice-cold water in a flash to quench their thirst.

Saves Space

Although a freestanding water cooler takes up floor space, they have compact dimensions. You can place water coolers in as many places throughout the office! Since these coolers are freestanding, you don’t have to waste counter space or buy an additional platform to position your designated water coolers.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Unlike water filtration systems you might have in your residence, a freestanding water cooler is much easier to clean and maintain. Since this is a communal appliance, you must still clean the coolers often. However, all you need are a cloth and disinfectant spray to ensure the cooler is sanitary. Replacing the filter is easy to handle, and deep cleaning is a breeze!


Upfront, buying water coolers in bulk might be expensive. However, the long-term benefits outweigh the initial expenses. The only ongoing spending will be on bottle replacements.

Your employees will be able to save more money as there’s no need to purchase bottled water as fresh water is readily available through the water cooler.

A Corner to have a Timeout

Sitting at a desk all day becomes exhausting. Water coolers can invite your employees to take a short break to clear their minds while staying hydrated. It provides a neat place to have a quick chat. Aside from drinking water, talking with your colleagues is a great way to stay awake.

A freestanding water cooler helps your employees save time and energy. From a business standpoint, water coolers are far more cost-effective and require less maintenance than an elaborate filtration system. Freestanding water coolers are compact and space-saving, making them an overall functional appliance for the workplace.

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