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Basic principles of PCBA prototype proofing

Basic principles of PCBA prototype proofing


FS Technology specializes in PCB manufacturing and assembly services, but also provides high-quality prototyping services to customers. In this article we will bring you the contents of the basic principles of PCBA sample fabrication, which will play a vital role in your project.

What is PCBA Prototype

Many companies in the electronics industry ignore the importance of PCBA prototyping. FS Technology believes that if you choose to completely outsource your entire project, prototyping is a must. A new product starts with a concept and goes to market after design-research-development-prototype-testing. PCBA prototype means sample manufacturing, it can be regarded as a test phase before the project starts to guarantee your product.

PCBA prototype board

Interesting things about prototyping

This is a true story of mobile phone prototyping that happened in China. The protagonist is Luo Yonghao, the boss of a mobile phone manufacturing company – Hammer Mobile. The reason for this is that Luo Yonghao’s hammer phone was prototyped at Foxconn before it was launched. After the proofing is completed, the sample machine is sent to a mobile phone testing agency for testing. The testing agency said that the sample machine of the Hammer phone was qualified. After receiving the report, Luo Yonghao started mass production of this mobile phone, and directly listed it under the sampling test steps for the mass production machine. Subsequently, the mobile phone PCBA testing agency released the video of the Hammer mobile phone failing the test on major platforms, which eventually caused a debate on both sides. Other issues aside (which FS Tech believes is a peer frame), this incident reflects the necessity of prototyping and has to undergo rigorous testing. FS Technology has been in the PCBA industry for more than ten years. In the past service, we have been serving customers for the purpose of win-win. Our prototyping services include: bare PCB, prototype assembly and sample testing services.

Principles of PCBA Prototyping

New product market research

When looking for PCBA suppliers, you need to analyze the market positioning of your newly developed electronic products in advance. Different markets determine different company strategies. For example, if the target market of your product is Germany, China and India, you need to have different sales strategies, new product development strategies and sales strategies. Germany has higher purchasing power, but needs higher-end electronic products according to its rigor, so when looking for an electronic service provider, it is necessary to choose a PCBA company with the same service spirit. Before high-end electronic products are mass-manufactured, strict sample material selection and hermetic packaging process are the standards for PCBA prototype manufacturing, which will ensure 100% simulation of the real mass production process. If it is a very common electronic product and the solution is very mature, it can be accepted by concession in the sample stage, such as using some substitute materials, expanding the acceptance range of ICT test, etc.

Speed outweighs cost

As we all know, the customer unit price of PCBA prototype manufacturing must be higher than mass production. When choosing a PCBA sample supplier, remember not to take price as the deciding factor, what we need is quality and speed. FS Technology can complete within 5 days from receiving the design proposal to sending PCBA samples. Our express service can save a lot of time on your project schedule. From the perspective of customers, FS Technology provides the highest quality and most affordable services with the fastest speed.

Follow design specifications

As a professional electronic manufacturing company, FS Technology will definitely follow the design specifications 100%, such as the reservation of heat dissipation holes in circuit board design, the marking of silk screen, the regularization of materials in the BOM list, the clear marking, and the clear remarks on the process requirements in the Gerber file and many more. When you provide us with these clear details, it can greatly reduce the time of communication with electronic manufacturers, and can also prevent wrong production caused by unclear design plans.

Multi-faceted risk inspection

Prototype PCB bare board

Fully consider the risks in the logistics and distribution links. In the packaging of PCBA, electronic manufacturers are required to provide safety packaging, such as bubble bags, pearl cotton, etc., to prevent collision and damage in logistics.

Maximize the number of samples

When deciding the number of PCBA proofs, the principle of maximization is adopted. General project managers, product managers, general managers, and even marketers may need templates. In addition, it is necessary to fully consider the burn-in that appears in the test. Therefore, it is generally recommended to use.

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