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Baby Bags Online Shopping at Raja Sahib

Baby Bags

by rossdosan

Newborn essentials are great responsibilities. Initially, parents avoid traveling with a newborn. But in some cases, traveling is a compulsion. Therefore, parents have to carry all of their products with them. it is difficult to carry his essentials in shopping bags. As things can get out of them easily. Then, they don’t have a proper lock or button something. Only the way is to make a knot. If you tie a knot, it creates a problem for them, again and again, open it.

Importance of a baby bag

The baby bag is a proper bag to contain the baby things. It comes with lots of pockets, zips, and sections. Because of these bags mothers don’t have to carry another bag for their usage. In this bag, all of these things can be placed. Similarly, they are distinctive from the usual bags.

You need to keep a pack or several diapers in it. Even if visiting a park. Next, the mothers need to keep the wet wipes and tissue papers. For sanitizing and cleaning purposes. Nowadays, wipes also come in small packaging for traveling purposes. Afterward, place a rash cream on your baby. In case his skin gets irritated then it will soothe them.

They normally have a changing sheet that comes with the bag. But if not then keep your extra sheet in this bag. Secondly, place mini towels. That can be used in multiple ways. Like cleaning his face after eating or vomiting on the table, and any other thing. Next, place a few extra feeders in the bag. You can put water and dry milk powder in the side pockets. Keep his a few pairs of extra clothes. Afterward, keep his snacks, hand creams, and small blanket in it.

Baby bags at raja sahib

You can buy through their online site.

1. 2-48-BB999AC

This bag is solely a product of the Raja sahib brand. It has two bags, one is a full bag and the other is a small; hand-carry sort of bag. Also, you will get a feeder bottle bag. Afterward, you will get a diaper changing sheet. So, no need of carrying a sheet from home. Keep this sheet in the diaper bag after usage. The mini bag is the same as the big bag. It has the same pockets.

2. 2-48-BB999AC

This bag is from the Raja sahib brand. You will get four components with the bag itself. One is a big bag, a small one, a feeder bag, and a mini pouch. All of these items come under Rs 3000. Therefore, it is feasible for you. They have used parachute material for its making. Both of the bags have a flap at the front. Apart from the main pocket, they have side pockets and front pockets. Then, the pouch has no pocket but has a zip all around. It has two straps with a long strap.

3. 2-48-90653BL

If you want a normal single bag then go for this product. This bag has nothing special. As no special bags, pouches etc. also, you won’t find any characters or designs on the bag. But, this bag is full of contrasting colors like red, yellow, and blue. It has two frill pockets on its front and two on sides. However, this because is extra spacious. The price is Rs 1600.

4. Chicco baby bag

It is an international brand bag. So the standard is great. It is spacious, wide, and has lots many side pockets. That is helpful for mothers to put their stuff in it.

5. 2-48-2010RD

Chicco baby bag is an extra-large baby bag. They can place all of his items inside this single bag. This bag has a very strong grip for handling.

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