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Advanced blogging with WordPress

by milan

If you have a blog of any size or want to start a great blog, this article is for you.

Simple tool to manage your content feed

Do you work within WordPress and have many writers or others managing your blog content? Instead of fiddling with spreadsheets and Google Docs, try the EditFlow plugin for WordPress. EditFlow is an add-on that lets you do things that are, for example, only visible to editors. Only people who are editors can see the comment. You can have a dialog inside the message! It provides a searchable and classifiable timeline, so you can see all the articles written in an easy way. You can post “images for needs” and other comments in the sidebar to manage your content feed. You can contact Best Custom WordPress Website Development Services Agency.

Is it too late to start blogging?

As a young blogger, you may think it’s too late. You might think that other successful bloggers have a lot of beginnings. With Blogging, anyone can develop a voice. People who start blogging now are not too late. Sure, it’s more complicated and there are a lot more blogs, but it opens up opportunities for networking and faster growth. Although there are a lot of people blogging today, no one has the exact same set of experiences, stories, skills, and perspectives. Use what’s unique about you. It’s a great way to get into the blogging industry.

Techniques to attract and engage visitors to your blog

The editorial mix that goes into a successful blog varies. But for the most part, successful bloggers publish a weekly newsletter (Thursday or Friday) with tips for the weekend. With a team of editors and a few guest editors, two original articles are published daily. It takes a long time to engage with as many social networks as possible. So to be successful, you need to plan and plan your resources strategically. During the week, there’s usually a “challenge” task that visitors should clear and rely on the instructions posted earlier in the week.

Blog template:

People are more likely to read instructions if they are inspired to do so. The key elements used to make a unique blog successful include a successful editorial model. Every blog is different, but for the most part, this editorial calendar works.

Build three things into the editorial calendar:

  1. Informative 
  2. Inspiration
  3. Interoperability

This is all free content. Publications four days a week, twice a day, plus a recap newsletter once a week to summarize tips and outline information posted during the week.

What is long content and why does it work?

Long content is a trend that is going very well on the blog. Content in long form can be termed as “meatier” content. While content typically suitable for news includes 500-800 word articles, long form content is different. The average content for a typical blogger was around 1,000 words or less. The articles were heavily SEO-focused, including keyword optimization. The only problem with this strategy? Bloggers were getting a lot of search traffic, but not a lot of return traffic, direct traffic, or branded search, and user engagement metrics — like bounce rate and time on site — were fairly low. weak.

On the other hand, long-form content is not only rewarded by search engines, it also resonates with readers. By creating longer and deeper content that provides great value to an audience, bloggers’ content strategy has seen success with improved engagement metrics.

Ideal blog content size

Statistically, the ideal blog post takes seven minutes to read and is around 1,600 words. It’s not easy to read, but it’s also worth the extra time and investment, as some blog publishers report that with long content, the average time on site has tripled!

Additional Content Ideas

Contests (with a prize) and surveys (or discussions) are important. Community and engagement are essential. Anything you can do to get a reader to “do” on your site is important. Second, it tells you a lot about your readers. At the end of the month, a monthly survey with a follow-up post to revisit the data is useful for readers. Plus, other blogs will see your content as good research data, which they’ll want to link to.

Forums – although an old-fashioned technology, it is still interesting for readers. Readers can discuss and share some of their ideas. Forums are easy to set up, and in most cases your web hosting provider will provide you with a free, easy-to-use tool.

Plugin to improve functionality

As the content expands into a long form, the user scrolls down to read the entire article. In most cases, sidebar items move up or temporarily disappear. The ability to keep some of the most important sidebar highlights visible and persistent is a great solution to add to an existing blog.

  • floating sidebar
  • light boxes
  • Get out of the direct boxes
  • The bottom of the mailbox appears
  • What do you want the user to see when they scroll down the page? If you can offer something different there, you can increase the number of page views or newspaper subscribers.

Where can I find these supplements?

Most of these plugins are available on WordPress.com. If you are looking for a more specific plugin aimed at professional blogging, you might consider joining problogger.com. If you become a member of problogger.com/download-center you will find all the plugins they have developed for professional blogging.

Plugins for bloggers include:

  • Follow on Facebook,
  • sticky top bar messenger,
  • Vibration plugin to absorb images on your blog
  • EasyDigitalDownloads – manage all your eBook sales from WordPress
  • WordPress Editorial Calendar – view all scheduled posts and you can drag and drop to change the post date

Website monetization

There are many ways to make money from your content. If you’re limited to a few and can’t spend a lot of time testing all the money-making options, you can limit your energy to e-books and partner links.

Monetize eBooks

E-books are a lucrative business. If you publish 4-5 e-books per year, it earns you little revenue over the years. Writing and publishing eBooks is a whole strategy that will be described in another article. There is so much information needed to fully explain this money making strategy.

More money-making ideas

Affiliate promotions, such as Amazon Links, also provide good earnings. Newspaper ads and banner ads can also be lucrative as publishers. The old Google AdSense can be lucrative for a blogger if they provide a high level target with your content. It’s hard to beat in terms of direct sales. As with any money-making, be patient, persistent, and only use high-quality, original content.

Web hosting for blogs

While most bloggers use WordPress, some bloggers still use b2evolution or other blogging tools. For the most part, all web hosting providers offer free WordPress. It may be necessary to ask if you need a handy basement web host or a partner that specializes in WordPress with plugin or migration assistance. Every blog is different, and the type of online retention you use is something you, the business owner, will have to decide. Build a brand that advertisers will want to align with and even with low traffic, if you have great topics, you can make a good living from your blog.

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