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8 Sweet Things You can do for Your PG Roommate!

by harshpatel
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When was the last time you had a hearty laugh with your best friend or roommate? It must have been a while right. When was the last time you gifted them something? I am sure it must have been forever since you’ve done that. You don’t need to have a particular reason to be sweet to your roommate. You can do anything for them anytime. The next time you get an opportunity, do something for your best friend, just do it! Go to a grocery store, grab their favourite snack, and buy them something good. You may also plan a ‘Netflix & chill’ session with your bestie. A small gesture can mean the world to someone. There are more sweet things for your roommate that you can pull off. In this guide, we will show you a few ways in which you can move ahead from just sharing the space.

There will be instances where you might face ups and downs with your roommate but keeping everything aside you must always try and make things right. This is the time you will bond with your roommate. You will make a lot of memories together and be respectful towards each other’s life choices and privacy. Times won’t be easy always but one of the below mentioned eight things will surely help you to make your relations better with your roommate.

1) Keep Your Space Organised and Clean:

When you share a space or Co-living space with someone else, the organization is essential. You want to keep your area clean and avoid having piles of clothes all over the floor. However, you should also ensure that shared areas, such as the kitchen or bathroom, are clean. They may not be the easiest or most enjoyable to clean, but it is a #required part of adulthood. Do something nice for your roommate and volunteer to help with the chores for a week. It demonstrates that you are concerned about your and her comfort.

2) Prepare Snacks for Your Roommate:

The best way to win anyone’s heart is by food. Snacks, spaghetti dinners, and plates of home fries from the local diner have all played pivotal roles in my closest friendships. You don’t have to be a chef from one of your favourite Food Network shows to cook something tasty for your roommate. Simply combine granola, raisins, and chocolate pieces in a bowl to make homemade trail mix. Serve an apple sliced up with honey and peanut butter dipping sauces on the side. You’ve just done something nice for the person you live with.

3) Leave a Nice Message:

Growing up we all have received some kind of motivational message from our friends in our lowest times. If you’ve noticed your roommate, who’s not having a good day, try to lift her up by leaving her a nice post-it message. “You look amazing today,” the message would say, or “Have an awesome day,” or “Keep your head up.” It made all the difference, or it just made me smile in an unexpected way. You can start doing this for your roommate as well. Write a message on the mirror with a whiteboard marker, or leave sticky notes around your space. Maybe you’ll write something amusing or print out some memes — the possibilities are endless!

4) Keep Your Roommate’s Favourite Television Shows Recorded:

If you live with someone else, chances are you’ll start watching new television shows. You’re already into Bridgerton and wondering if Daphne and Simon will find their way back to each other or not. You’re interested in the most recent episodes of Money Heist or the trailer for the upcoming season of Stranger Things. In a frenzy, you text your roommate and say, “Did you see this?!” with a lot of exclamation points and a link. Is this starting to sound familiar? So, something nice you could do for both of you is to record those TV shows. That way, you can watch them together later and discuss all the drama and minor details like true fans.

5) Make a Soothing Playlist for Your Friend:

On a Saturday afternoon, why not hang out? You and your roommate will require a playlist. You know, songs you both sing in the shower or throwback tracks from your favourite boy bands. You’ve already had several thousand dance parties to Disney soundtracks. It seems only natural. Putting all of these songs in one place is a simple and very sweet thing to do. Share the playlist with your roommate on a streaming service so she can listen to it whenever she wants. Because honestly, listening to this music when you’re missing each other because you’re both home for the holidays will make everything better.

6) Be Friends with her Best Friends:

A very important note, never try to take her place in her best friend’s life. It is obvious that your roommate’s friend might take over your room and might stay a while. This is going to be super fun because they will come up with stories that will make you laugh like crazy. The sweetest thing to do is be friends with them and give them that comfort so that they feel welcomed. Try to get along with their inside jokes and spend quality time together. This will tell your roomie that you’re someone that she can trust and that you care about her and the people she loves.

7) Plan a Weekend Trip Together:

You must be loving the space you are in with your roomie, but the world outside is just waiting for you to explore it. You can discover places together and spending time together will always deepen your bond. If you can’t find a way to get going on a trip, explore the city you’re in together. Explore the cafe by the end of the street or go on a sushi date together.

8) Give the Space and Time She Needs for Herself:

When you share a room / PG hostels  for the first time, keep one thing in mind: you and your roommate don’t have to do everything together. Sure, going grocery shopping with a friend is always more fun, and family dinners can be relaxing after a long day at work or school. However, giving your roommate space is also essential. Allow her to use the couch for a night to watch her favourite shows, or don’t bother her when she’s relaxing in bed with a good book. Respecting “me time” is a sweet thing to do for your roommate, as simple or even backward as it may sound.

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