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8 Solid Reasons to Invest In Property In Lucknow

by rohitkumarr987

Lucknow is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh and it has always been a multicultural city. It continues to be an important centre of governance, administration, education, commerce, aerospace, finance, pharmaceuticals, technology, design, culture, tourism, music and poetry.

For those looking to Invest In Property In Lucknow , here are 6 great reasons why you should!

Increasing Property Rates

The real estate market of Lucknow is booming. The recent price trends suggest that property prices are increasing at a rapid pace. It is expected that the prices will continue to grow in the coming years as well.

Posh Lifestyle

Lucknow offers a posh lifestyle to its residents. There are many residential projects and lda approved plots in Lucknow which are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities for a comfortable living experience for its residents.

Better Job Opportunities

Many multinational companies have set up their offices in Lucknow which suggests that there are many job opportunities available in the city as well. This gives an indication that more people will be moving towards this city for better job opportunities which will increase the demand for properties as well as property rates in the near future.

Stable Economy

Located in Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow shares its boundaries with Faizabad, Unnao, Raebareli, Barabanki and Sitapur districts. The economy of Lucknow is primarily based on agriculture and cottage industries. It is also an important center for commerce, finance, media and entertainment. As the financial conditions improve due to a strong economy, it attracts real estate developers like builder flats in Lucknow as well as home buyers in large numbers.

Transportation Infrastructure

Transportation infrastructure is improving at a rapid pace in Lucknow. The city is well connected with other areas through rail network, road network and air network. There are several major highways that connect this place with other cities like Delhi, Gurgaon and Agra among others. 


For any city, connectivity plays a major role in its development. There are various modes of transport available in Lucknow like private cabs, buses and metro trains which makes it the second metro city after Kanpur that is connected with metro rail network. With the operation of metro rail network, there will be easy transportation across various parts of the city.

Affordable properties

Lucknow offers affordable properties as compared to other cities like Delhi and Mumbai. A 2 BHK apartment can cost you around Rs 30 lakhs whereas a similar unit in Delhi can cost you around Rs 1 crore or more. Besides this, there are several housing schemes by state government for providing affordable housing to people. 

Real Estate

Plot for sale in Lucknow is witnessing an increase in demand for residential properties across all segments ranging from affordable to ultra-luxury. The city has been developing rapidly over the past few years and is emerging as one of the most sought after cities for both home buyers and real estate investors in the country.


If you want to invest in property but are nervous about investing large amounts of money into a project you know little about, Lucknow is almost certainly worth a look for you. The population is growing rapidly, and due to its proximity with Delhi, there will always be a market for housing. There is also plenty that you can do with the property after renting it out, so if you don’t want to live there yourself, you have many options available. Finally, the city offers a lot more than just investments—the food has been compared to Delhi’s (which sets the bar pretty high) and the culture is rich and fulfilling for everyone. So if you’re at all interested in investing in real estate, Lucknow should definitely be on your list of places to look into.

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