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7 Sites for Scuba Diving At Mallorca, Spain

by Scubanautic
 diving center Mallorca.

Mallorca is a treasure of islands. This place is occupied with beautiful attractions of marine life for passionate scuba divers. On Mallorca (also known as Majorca), you may effortlessly do specific forte dives which include Wreck Diving, Cavern Diving, Peak Performance Buoyancy and Deep Diving courses. There are many options considering scuba diving Mallorca islands.

The underwater world off Mallorca’s coasts is colourful and might without difficulty compete with tropical oceans in terms of biodiversity. The biggest fish includes groupers, which visit the rims of the rock on the lookout for food.The rocky beaches at the west and north coasts of Mallorca in addition to the lengthy bays withinside the southeast, are domestic to a number of marine life. Swarms of gilthead bream slowly circulate over lightly swaying meadows of seagrass and withinside the rocky shores cuttlefish and moray eels cover in small caves. Here is the list of 7 sites for Scuba Diving, at Mallorca.

  1. Cabrera Island

It is located close to the south coast of Mallorca, Little Island and National Park of Cabrera is one of the most famous and exquisite locations to revel in diving in Mallorca. You can admire lots of isolated and really diverse underwater locations of the Mediterranean Sea. The island offers you also the possibility to dive in notable Blue Cave – have to do so for the duration of your diving journey here.

A Number of rocky coves lie at the seashore lines of the barren island, whose panorama is particularly ruled with the aid of using rocks and coffee bushes. Diving could be thrilling as well as fun near this island.

  1. Dragonera Island

Next is one of the little secret islands close to Mallorca. Incredible diving region and additionally region below safety due to the fact that 1995. It is located simply off the south-western coast of Mallorca, Sa Dragonera is separated from the principal island through a small channel. It is six kilometres lengthy and topped through an historical watchtower, Sa Dragonera takes its call from its shape, stated to resemble a dragon. Its beautiful appearance catch the attention of many scuba divers.

The park’s fauna is another of its most exciting aspects. Particularly worth of notice is the wall lizard population, an endemic subspecies that cannot be discovered everywhere else withinside the world, in addition to the precise snail species, which is likewise endemic to the Balearic Islands.

  1. Palma Harbour Wreck

This is a complete spotlight for divers with greater enjoyment and break interest! Huge vintage shipment shipwreck in the front of the Palma de Mallorca, in which you may additionally entere a few rooms is for certain something unique. Two big cargo ships sank there many years ago. Many Years has passed since the ships sank, so there are sharp portions of corroded metal sticking out, this means that diving at those wrecks may be dangerous, this surroundings has the potential to harm diver’s devices and suits. It is advisable to dive here only after training at the diving center Mallorca. This place is a must to add on your diving site list to experience mystery and thrill.

  1. Islands of Malgrats

This island is Very unique and unforgettable diving region in Mallorca. Just some kilometres from the centre of Santa Ponsa off the coast lie the Malgrats Islands. They are  uninhabited islands which upward push majestically from the ocean, developing a dramatic and exquisite scene, which at sundown is pretty mesmerising to witness. The neighbourhood authorities have positioned benches which might be placed in a small park overlooking the ocean and the islands, offering a incredible possibility to take a seat down lower back and take withinside the exceptional surroundings at your leisure.

This place is great for people who are staying close to Santa Ponsa and searching out a diving spot for scuba diving Mallorca now no longer a ways away from the coast.

  1. Isla del Sec

Another unique and beautiful island in Mallorca is Isla del Sec. All of its far recognition on  wrecks placed there and large biodiversity, additionally with scorpion fish. Lovely form of plant life and fauna adds more to the diving possibilities to the island.

Wrecks are placed on approx. Indeed the most endorsed spot to visit!

  1. Sa Madonna

Jump at the boat and experience the dive to satisfy Madonna. It is a statue, which became positioned withinside the cave via way of means of fishermen as a thanks to the Mediterranean Sea. Get to experience the beauty of the cave. The cave is honestly large and the max intensity of this diving in Mallorca revel in is 25m which gives you the unforgettable thrilling experience as diving in Mallorca.

  1. Island Sa Porrassa

Very fine dive spot in Mallorca for beginners with opportunity to peer at the dolphins! Sa Porrassa Island is positioned withinside the Magaluf Bay, so in case you are staying withinside the near, they incredibly suggest you try diving there only after getting well trained from a diving center Mallorca. Just make certain now no longer to exit a night time before.

The island is uninhabited, however visited all through the summer time through many holidaymakers. Both swimming, on non-public water craft or on pedal boats from Magaluf Beach.

Diving Center Mallorca

Scubanautic are here to train you from beginner to superior level of scuba diver. Nonetheless, every senior would require you to have a superior certificate before allowing you to for cave diving Mallorca. There also are some diving sites which might be very deep among forty-60 metres.  And that they cross manner past leisure diving limits. You are probably fascinated in case you are a technical diver though. Before you are making the selection to dive with. You should know that the dive centre Mallorca is absolutely ready to offer training and offer you laugh dives you’re trying to join up for.


Now add every island for scuba diving in your bucket list. Explore marine life and get to experience the most fascinating scuba diving with Scubanautic at Mallorca. They are here to guide and dive with you!

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