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6 Uses Of Professional Photo Printing Services

by Bianca Banda
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Photo printing is one of the processes that we benefit from without realising it. A lot of things that we use daily use photo printing services. Look around you; notice the labels on your bottles, the wrapper of your favourite snack, and the books that you read. Aren’t those printed materials? 

It’s fascinating how photo printing is present in our lives. Gone are the days when people used to take studio photos. Then, they’d wait hours for their photo prints and keep them in a photo album or picture frame. All this suddenly vanished when digital cameras came into existence. 

Even though people don’t have their photos printed as they used to before, professional photo printing has thrived — to offer more services. We may be living in a digital world, but photo printing is still widely used. In this article, let’s discuss the six uses of professional photo printing today. 


1. Fine arts prints for displays and exhibits

It may be true that the majority no longer prints their photos. But, a lot of photographers and artists do. One of the services that most professional photo printing businesses take pride in is fine arts prints. They use high-quality papers and archival inks when printing fine arts prints. 

Since digital arts are now more prominent than ever, artists rely on fine arts prints to have their artworks printed for exhibitions. Fine arts prints turn the artist’s work into life through printing. Also, the artwork details are justified in fine arts prints. 

Usually, if you just have a digital artwork printed regularly, the colours and other details change. It’s as if the printed piece is not the work done by the artist. That’s why professional photo printing services such as fine arts matter. They give justice and respect to an artist and photographer’s work. 


2. For magazine printing

It’s helpful to know that photo printing businesses offer a wide range of services. Some focus on photo printing alone; some on business-related prints. Just like fine arts prints, magazine printing requires professional printing services.

Most magazines use a lot of colourful images and shoots in their issues. Every magazine’s purpose is not only to share insightful articles and blogs. They also include images that are entertaining and eye-catching. In a magazine, photos are necessary. 

One of the purposes of photos in a magazine is to grab people’s attention. Also, a lot of fashion magazines market their products in magazines. That’s why high-quality printing is a must. 


3. For billboards and advertisements

Printed advertisements are one of the most effective marketing strategies businesses use. One of which are billboards. Billboards use large poster sheets for printing. Most poster sheets are weatherproof — so that they can withstand the rain and heat. 

Even though billboards don’t necessarily require a high DPI, their prints should still be of good quality. There are professional photo printing businesses that specialise in billboard printing. Also, they use inkjet printers for these types of prints. 

Billboards and advertisements use professional photo printing for their marketing. Without professional photo printing, product awareness would be hard to achieve.


4. For mounted metal, wood, or acrylic prints 

Aside from fine arts prints, professional photo printing also includes mounted prints. A lot of people use photos for interior design. They choose special moments and have them mounted for display. 

Mounted prints add a sophisticated look to a house. Also, they serve as a centrepiece that completes the theme of space. Mounted prints use high-quality printers and materials like the first three services I discussed. 

Before, it was hard to find photo printing shops that offered mounted prints. Today, a lot of professional photo printing businesses compete. Each offers the best print service at the most competitive prices. 


5. For calendars and fliers

The aesthetic calendars we see and buy also utilise professional photo printing. The same goes for the fliers that we receive in establishments. Even though those are usually ignored and thrown away, they’re printed professionally. 

Quality papers and high definition inks were used to print fliers. Again, fliers are used by businesses for marketing purposes. That’s why even though most fliers are small, they’re professionally printed so that the details that businesses want to share are readable. 

Also, they need good paper and ink to print their photos to grab people’s attention, just like a magazine. 


6. For boxes and item packaging

Do you love watching unboxing videos? Whether it is an unboxing of the latest gadget or shoes, their boxes are professionally printed, too. Also, isn’t it more exciting to unbox your newly purchased item if its box is aesthetically pleasing?

We’re probably too caught up in the moment to even realise that the boxes we unbox even underwent photo printing. Even though boxes are not as appreciated as the item itself, they add value to the anticipation and purchase experience of the consumer. 

Thanks to photo printing, our unboxing experiences are fun and exciting.


Photo printing is everywhere; you just have to look closely around you.

There you have it. The six uses I shared are just some of the things that we encounter almost every day. If you take a close look at everything that is around you, you might be surprised at how professional photo printing is present. 

It might seem that photo printing is not as in demand as it used to be. But the truth is, it surely has become more important today than it ever was. Without them, a lot of businesses would be affected. Marketing and consumer experience wouldn’t be as fun as it is without photo printing doing the work behind the scenes. 


About the author:

Bianca Banda is a writer for DS Colour Labs Ltd (DSCL), a professional photography lab that offers a vast range of products and services for photo and print needs.


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