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6 Facts About Carpet Cleaning That You Need To Know

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Do you have carpet flooring at your place? You must be aware of what challenges it can bring. Carpets are subject to all types of dirt, stains, pet faeces, and pests. There might be times when a guest accidentally spills some drink over it. What would you do in this case? Immediate cleaning can be the best resort. But does that make it free from stains and germs? Getting your carpet professionally cleaned occasionally is the best solution to all problems. 

Facts about carpet cleaning to know as a customer

Expert cleaning ensures your carpet is thoroughly clean from all the contaminants. It increases the life of your carpet and will make it look like a new one. Are you getting your carpets professionally cleaned for the first time? Unaware of what to expect? This article may be just for you then:

Pre-vacuum is necessary

All carpet cleaners must do a pre-vacuum before proceeding with the main job. Why? The vacuum helps pick all the dry soils (such as dust and dirt) that can act as a barrier in the overall process. This dirt, when combined with moisture, forms mud. Mud is hard to remove as compared to dry dirt. Therefore, pre-vacuum is a must before the actual cleaning.

Stains should be removed 

Is your carpet full of stains? The carpet cleaning process focuses on stain removal in general. It is focal to all professional carpet cleaning. Some dyes and tannins are tough to remove and need proper treatment. Carpet cleaners help you with such removals, followed by acidic conditioning for better outcomes.

Not all cleaning services are the same

Every firm has a different approach to carpet cleaning. Results are dependent upon the skill of the technician and the chemicals used. It is risky to hire someone not equipped for this task. Carpet cleaning in Joondalup by Carpet Cleaning Services For Perth hosts a team of experts in this particular field. The best part about them is that they use harmless chemicals and solutions that will keep your carpets fresh throughout. Make sure to read all the details about the cleaner before you book one.

Look for certified ones 

Carpet Cleaning is not a regulated industry. Therefore, you should look for proper certifications and licences of these firms. Look at whether they possess the primary training to undertake this activity or not.

Wet dog smell myth

You must have heard many people talking about carpet cleaning smelling bad. This smell is often referred to as a ‘wet dog’ smell. It is different from what it seems! It arises because of gas produced from natural sulphur. When this comes in contact with damp wool, the stink is the result. It is natural, and it goes off when the carpet dries.

Day warranty 

Carpet cleaners must warranty their work with a 14 days satisfaction promise. What does this mean? If you are unhappy with the service provided by them, they should offer to return or reclean the carpet free of charge. It is the right of every customer to ask for this. If any company denies giving this, consider another one instead.

 Carpets that are regularly cleaned last longer than those that are rarely cleaned. You must be wondering how to do this difficult job daily? Vacuuming at low speed will ensure the carpet is free from minor debris and dirt. If you cannot do it daily, consider doing it at least two times a week for a healthy rug. Now that you know what carpet cleaning comes with, you can call an expert without any worry.



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