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5 Questions to Ask for Choosing the Best Web Development Company

by Daisybennatt
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Life is not a bed of roses. So is choosing the right web development company. Ask any business owner about their website development and you will get long exhausting answers. Some might be lucky enough to have landed with the best Web development company. But, not everyone is that lucky. Some might have had bad experiences while interviewing different companies and let’s just hope that they didn’t hire them. 

And I’m blaming any web developers or companies here. But, there are bad apples here and there and it is our responsibility to choose the right ones. Remember, websites are your first step in leveraging the digital landscape for your business. It is important that your website is elegant, and dynamic, and represents your brand’s value while providing all the required functionalities to you. 

As a person who makes significant business decisions, I can help you choose any leading web development company. And let me be frank, Googling ‘Best Web development companies’ isn’t gonna do the trick. You want to be strong at the basics and hire the right fit for your brand requirements. Some companies might develop the best websites in the town, but still not be the right fit for you. 

Following are five questions to ask before choosing your web development partner, 

Do You Have Web Development Case Studies?

Their expertise, their years of experience, their work schedule, yada, yada, etc. matters. But it is important that you see for yourself the kind of work they have done so far. Technicalities apart, do you like their work? It is important that you like them, for without that you cannot expect them to give you what you expect. Maybe, their work is strong and good technically, but you don’t feel that it is not in sync with your brand type and business. The gut feelings matter. 

Have they worked with businesses that relate to your industry? This is also vital. For without this you might have to spend some time with them, and help them understand your business and industry. You might feel like I am nitpicking. But, if you choose a company that has experience working with businesses in your industry, that makes your work a lot less and is also a boost of confidence for you. 

Can You Provide Some References?

Again, you might feel like I am scrutinizing too much. But, think about it! You are going to undertake a big feature when you lock in a web development company and work with them. Their delivery is going to define the way your business is going to shine in the digital landscape. And a mediocre website can bring down your morale and slow down your digital transformation process. 

And so it is okay to ask for references. And genuine businesses that have done quality work would be okay with providing the same. If not, you have that thing in your pockets. Pick it and type the company name. Find their profile in Clutch, GoodFirms, Google My Business, etc., and look up their reviews. 

Take a look at the reviews that have lower ratings. If there are no lower ratings, you automatically know that they are doing a good job. But, if there is take it with a pinch of salt. Someone’s opinion is not the ultimatum. Understand their complaints and ask questions about how they should tackle them if the same issue happens to you. Be empathetic and see if they can provide any explanation. 

Based on My Requirements, What Do You Suggest We Do?

Playing dumb is one of the best ways to evaluate someone. Even if you have all the knowledge you need regarding web development, don’t reveal it. Reserve some of your knowledge and see if they try to connect with you and make you understand the same. If they are willing to spend their time with you and also provide satisfactory answers, that’s a plus. 

And you also have to look out for the ‘red flags’. Some agencies might try to pitch and get you to agree to functionalities and things that might cost high. There are two variables in this. One is that a company is genuinely interested in your growth and might suggest things that would cost more. But they remain completely transparent. The second one is that they are trying to capitalize on your lack of knowledge. 

Understand the difference between both and choose companies that are thought leaders in web development. 

Can You Please Brief Your Process and Services?

Web development is not just about coding the front-end, and back-end, and delivering the website to you. There are a lot of factors involved. For example, there is a web design, content strategy, development of SEO-friendly websites, etc. 

Who’s going to provide the design? Some development agencies have their own designers, while some ask for designs from you. Some integrate SEO services with their web development. That is post-development they start working to rank your company and they invoice at the end of each month for SEO with a report. 

Would they provide the necessary support and maintenance? Once the website is live, it should stay that way. A little hiccup can be the reason for a valuable customer to leave your site. The best web development company should also maintain your website and provide proper support at the time of need. They should also be open to making feature changes and addition when required. 

In short, web development services can be simply transactional. But, a company that looks forward to keeping up and collaborating is more trustworthy! 

Can You Quickly Provide a Tentative Budget?

Lastly, a company might pass all the above questions and fail at this one. You can only stretch your budget so much and it is crucial that you get it done under your budget. You have to plan and execute within the planned or allocated budget, rather than thinking every small upgrade is worth it and spending on it. 

So, asking for a tentative budget can help a lot. The actual budget for the project would definitely be higher than the tentative. Or you can talk about a fixed budget and get the core functionalities done within it. You can always build on it later. If you can’t fit the project into your budget, then you have to choose another Web development company. 


I am advocating nitpicking. But, it is always better to be safe than sorry. You are investing your hard-earned money in the hopes that it will have a return. And so, the responsibility to ensure the same also falls on you. Make sure you hire a Leading Web Development Company. All the best for your digital journey!

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