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5 Key Advantages of Rolling Steel & Sheet Garage Door for Your Business

by Elenaparker

There are many types of commercial garage doors available in Dallas, Texas. There are sectional overhead doors, aluminum garage doors, scissor gates, and more. While the entire garage door industry continues to grow and expand the variety of styles to choose from, many people would declare that nothing can still beat the classic Rolling Steel & Sheet Garage Door. If you are about to have a garage door replacement or a new one installed, here are the key advantages of the rolling steel type.

High Durability

High-quality rolling steel and sheet garage doors are made of either steel or heavy-duty aluminum, both strong materials that can withstand the demanding weather conditions of North Texas, including Dallas. You don’t have to worry about rust and corrosion even if the steel doors are constantly exposed to heavy rains, strong winds, or even unforgiving hail storms. The same also goes for heavy traffic usage. Rolling doors are built for daily use, which means they are exactly the right type of garage doors you need for industrial and commercial properties, such as warehouse, factory, and storage room. In fact, with proper installation, materials used, and maintenance, rolling steel & sheet doors can last up to 30 years.

Easy Maintenance

One of the key benefits of rolling steel & sheet doors is that they are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Unlike other types of commercial garage doors, they don’t require frequent maintenance checks and cleaning. While they are not prone to rust, many business owners still opt to have rust-proof finishing added after installation. Since rolling steel doors are made of metal slats interlocked to each other, they can also be easily replaced by a garage door professional without resorting to removing an entire panel or replacing the entire door itself.

Space Saver

From the name itself, rolling steel & sheet garage doors open vertically and gathered into a roll instead of sliding along tracks. This consumes less overhead space, gives more lighting, and allows easy and convenient access for larger vehicles or delivery trucks.

Improved Security

Aside from heavy duty weather protection, rolling steel doors are the one of the best types of garage doors in protecting a business against burglaries or robberies. Here in Dallas, hundreds of stores, storage facilities, warehouses, and other types of commercial and industrial properties lay victims to forced entry or burglaries. According to studies, garage doors are common entry points for thieves. As a business owner, you can prevent this by having high quality rolling steel garage doors installed along with the latest technology in garage door openers.

Good Insulation

You can also cut down on cooling or heating costs when you choose to have your new rolling steel garage door installed with an optional foam layer for insulation. When heat transfer is prevented, your business will definitely save up on the energy bills being spent on heating alone.

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