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5 Essential PPE Kits To Make Workplace A Safe Site

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The workplace is one of the most dangerous places to sustain an injury. An incident of injury or any other accident on the worksite can have a massive impact on the business. These injuries are equally harmful to workers and businesses. The cost of an accident in the workspace is very high; it includes medical bills, workers’ compensation paperwork, and lost productivity. It also leads to low morale levels at worker and management levels.

The best way to prevent these incidents is to take precautions for the safety of all workers. PPE kits are the best way to ensure worker safety. Personal protective equipment is specially made merchandise or other protective gear that protects employees from illness or injury caused by a hazardous workspace. Even cheap work boots can make a difference during any accident.

Most crucial protective gear for employees:

Hard Hats: Hard hats are the most crucial protective gear at a construction site as these site These objects can harm any worker massively. Choose a hat that is manufactured with slow-burning materials. These hats must be shock-proof and water-resistant. These hard hats are divided into three industrial classes.

  • Class A is specifically made for construction sites as it offers impact and penetration resistance. It also offers some protection from electrical currents.

  • Class B: These hats protect from high-voltage shock and burn. It is the highest-level hard hat for protection use.

  • Class C: These hats are fundamental as they only protect an employee from any impact, but there is no protection against electrical devices.

Gloves: Hand protection is crucial to providing safety atire to an employee. A hand protection kit involves products like arm coverings, gloves and finger guards. This equipment protects employees from skin damage, punctures, cuts, and thermal and chemical burns. There are many chemical- and liquid-resistant materials gloves in the market to protect employees from hand injuries. You can opt for leather, canvas, metal mesh, or fabric-made gloves. The glove material must be chosen as per the nature of the work and risk exposure. 

Eye Protection: If the employees are working in a workplace that involves hot liquids, flying particles, chemical gasses, molten metal and harmful radiation, then eye protective gears are very crucial in those places as they work as a shield for the eyes. The Eye protective gears must comfortably fit on the employee’s face. It must be cleanable. Eyewear must not restrict the vision and movement of workers.

Surgical Face Masks: The popularity of masks has increased during the Covid-19 pandemic. The global pandemic shows the need for masks. But a workplace is equally dangerous, and employees need protection against dust and chemicals. Maks protect employees from germs and chemicals in the immediate environment.

Foot Guards and Safety Shoes: Shoes and foot guards protect employees from workplace hazards, including wet, slippery, hot surfaces, rolling, falling, and sharp objects. Shoes are the most important protective gear. This PPE kit includes products like Protective leggings, Metatarsal guards, Toe guards, Shin guards, and Safety shoes. You must choose work shoes with bamboo work socks for better protection.

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