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4 Types of Payment Plans for Buying a Property in Dubai

Buying a Property in Dubai

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Types of Payment Plans for Buying a Property in Dubai

Before we actually come to the types of payment plans available at the time of buying a property in Dubai, the first question that arises here is- What is the purpose of a payment plan?

So it is a simple formula that gives you payment division in percentage where you get clarity on when to pay? How much to pay? And also it releases the stress of the buyer because one-time payment could be tough to arrange for any buyer.

Here we are going to talk about the best payment plans for buying a property in Dubai where the whole idea is to add a comfortable payment that further makes it easy for the home buyer to plan.


The most common and popular payment plan post handover is where the payment starts in different installments once you get the property, and most importantly, the investor needs to pay some percentage of the property before receiving the property. So this is a lucrative payment plan where investors or home buyers get sufficient time to make complete the payment.

Without even paying 100 percent value you can enjoy a high rental yield or can move to a home, so it is like without paying the full amount you can get your property.

Types of Payment Plans for Buying a Property in Dubai

2. 10/90

10 percent of payment is mandatory if you want to own the property and the rest 90 percent value of the payment is to be made in different installments, so this gives you time to complete your payments.

And this way investors can improve their investment portfolio without even making 100 percent payment, isn’t it beneficial? So in Dubai, you can find properties with a 10/90 payment plan so that you don’t miss out on the investment opportunity.


In this, the payment plan is divided into 2 parts one during construction and another one is on handover, so this is the most common payment plan offered by the builder where the buyers get enough time to make their payments and with the handover, the payment is done as well.




A new and good way for the home buyers to buy property before the lease expires and before that they can live comfortably and experience the house, so it a document transaction in regard to which the property is rented to the interested person and this could be for a week or month where by paying rent one could easily stay, but the rent is generally higher than the market value.

And if you are looking for the benefit of a rent-to-own payment plan, so this renter gets enough time to build equity without making a down payment or disturbing the mortgage.

So before signing the contract make sure you read the contract carefully, and also a good inspection is required where you ensure that the price you agreed is not beyond the worth of the property.


If you have plans to buy property, then these are the standard payment options and at Dubai Housing you will find a wide range of off-plan options by all reputed builders Sobha, DAMAC, EMAAR, Danube, and more.

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