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4+ Email marketing strategies to increase sales

by aashnakhanna
email marketing strategies to increase sales

Increase your sales in double digital by going with Email marketing’s best strategies. Yes, it is one of the most effective ways to help you in yielding great revenue. But what email marketing strategies to increase sales are there for businesses of all shapes and sizes? 

The greatest way to promote products and services through email is called email marketing. But you might not be updated with critical strategies, so let’s dive together to understand it. 


Start with Personalized email sharing

Experts in marketing said that delivering personalized email makes the chances higher of email open rate and conversion rate. 

To catch the attention of your important audience, this type of email works. When not going with this strategy it gives you less audience or we would say almost zero. 

We would like to inform you that approximately 80% of consumers purchase when you shoot a personalized email. Transaction rate will increase, sales will soar, and revenue rise through this strategy of marketing email. 


Power of Automation in marketing

One of the best email marketing strategies to increase sales is Automation. We look for several tasks to grow our company. If we keep on giving closer attention to the sharing campaign all the time then who is going to handle the rest of the tasks? 

Automation is a rich technology that has several tools that even offer pre-built templates. By adopting any tool, you will see it delivers the email on time to the right person without any error. The benefits of this strategy are: productivity increase, conversion rate increase, sale/revenue uplift, etc. 


Our Research says:

  1. More than 47% of marketers said the email channel is the most effective. 
  2. The most renowned and great platform for this channel is Gmail.
  3. Email that has “Thanks in Advance” in the end gets a great response.


Significance of Call to Action Strategy

Have you seen clickable icons on your email such as “Buy now” or “Click here”? These are the Call to Action where the sender wants you to visit the website and buy that product from them. 

Add the Call to Action strategy if you want to win in an email marketing task. Make sure your marketing team uses a suitable CTA as the audience should never get confused about where to click. Further, there is no point to give CTA everywhere. Because it clears the motive from your side that you are here just to sell. 

Make an easy way for the audience so that they can click on that and purchase from you and you and deliver the best experience to the audience. 

  • An open rate of “Welcome Email” is more than 91%.
  • 73% of experts said that they find email the best communication channel.


Learn the Follow-up process 

Getting a sale from one of your customers doesn’t mean that you end the relationship. Perhaps the customer can buy more from your business. So, the point is a marketer must go with the Follow-up email strategy. Obviously, it is remarkable! 

Ask them for feedback, go with Cross-selling or Upselling, recommendations, etc are the best ways to take follow-up. This will increase the chance of Customer retention. 


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