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323 Muslim Boys Names

Uncommon Muslim Boys Names

by nasir hussain
323 Muslim Boys Names

323 Muslim Boys Names with Meanings. Islam specifically emphasizes giving a beautiful name to your child. The name should have a strong and positive meaning because it affects the child’s personality. Actually, naming is actually the right of the father in Islam. Later this right can be given to the mother or any other relative. During Prophet Muhammad’s era, he himself changed the ill names of people who entered the circle of Islam. Their names were replaced with better-meaning words.

There is a large number of Muslim boys’ names with great meanings. Some names are old but very popular to choose and many Muslim parents love to decide for their baby boy like Ali, Muhammad, Usman, Farooq, Kasim, Talha, Ahmad, Zaid, etc. Many Muslim parents love to choose Modern and Unique names for their babies, Ahil, Elhan, Azlan, Arslan, Nehal, Uzair, Alizain, Shahzain, etc. Muslim many parents love to choose Quranic boys’ names and many Muslims love to choose Arabic names for their babies.

Choose Muslim Boys’ Names

You come to the right spot to choose a name for your baby. Here you can pick a beautiful name for your newborn baby boy. I have collected here 323 Muslim Boys’ Names with great meanings. These names are modern and unique. I hope, you like these beautiful collection names and you easily find the desirable names for your baby boy. You can also find here Uncommon Muslim Boys’ Names with quality meanings. Choose a beautiful name here also.

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 Top Muslim Boys’ Names

S.No Name Meanings
1 Aadeen Obedient
2 Aahid The commitment
3 Aahil Great King
4 Aalif Affectionate
5 Aamil Workman
6 Aarib Healthy
7 Aariz Rain-bearing cloud
8 Aban The name of the Angel
9 Abdul Servant of Allah
10 Abdul Ahad One, Unique
11 Absar Vision, Sight
12 Abyan Clearer
13 Abyaz White, Brilliant
14 Adil Righteous, Fair
15 Afan To forgive, Modest
16 Afif Virtuous
17 Aghlab Supreme
18 Ahad One
19 Ahbar Clever
20 Ahmar Red-colored
21 Ahnaf Name of narrators of hadith
22 Ahram Clever
23 Ahsab Nobler
24 Ajawid Open-handed
25 Ajwad Clever
26 Alfaz Words
27 Alhaj Who Performed Haj
28 Alham Impossible dreamer
29 Ali Champion
30 Aliyan Exalted, High Status
31 Alman Wiseman, Kind
32 Altamash Army chief
33 Aluf Friendly, Faithful
34 Amid Pillar, Support
35 Ammar One who brings a place back to life
36 Anis Sociable
37 Aqdas Most holy
38 Aqmar Brilliant
39 Arad Name of An Angel
40 Arbaan Eloquent
41 Areeb Clever
42 Arhab Open-minded
43 Arham Merciful
44 Arkan support
45 Aroof Tolerant
46 Arsal The one who was sent
47 Arsam Lion
48 Arshman Pride of Sky
49 Arzaan Worth
50 Asad Lion
51 Asaif Obedient
52 Aseed A narrator of Hadith
53 Ashal Light and Radiance
54 Asil More honorable
55 Aun Friendly, Helper
56 Awwab Sincere repentant
57 Ayman Righteous
58 Azal Near, Proximity
59 Azki Clever
60 Baasim Smiling, Happy

Sahabah Names for Boys

40 Baker First Khalifa of Islam
41 Baraa Innocent
42 Barza Intelligent
43 Bilal Moist
44 Bishr Happiness
45 Busr Height, Star
46 Daarim Reader if Hadith
47 Faatik Deadly
48 Fazl Grace
49 Furaat Sweet water
50 Ghannam Shepherd
51 Gharfa To scoop up
52 Ghutaif A well of a person
53 Haabis A narrator of Hadith
54 Haashim Crusher
55 Haazim Resolute, Firm
56 Habeeb Loved one
57 Habeel Commit, Build
58 Haisam Strong Man
59 Hajib Janitor, Edge
60 Halal Permissible
61 Hammad Praiseworthy
62 Hamza Strong, Lion
63 Hani Full of joy
64 Hanis God is Gracious
65 Haris Grace
66 Hasham Generous
67 Hassan Good-looking
68 Hazim Firm, Resolute
69 Himaas Conflict, Fighting
Tiger, Lion
71 Hozaifa A companion of the Prophet’s Name
72 Hujair Laughter
73 Hulais Joy
74 Hunzalah The name of a tree
75 Huraira Little Cat
76 Hussain Good
77 Huzair Laughter
78 Ibrahim Father of Many
79 Ikrama A female pigeon
80 Iramah The happiness of the Earth
81 Irbaaz strong
82 Ishaq Laughs
83 Ismail Heard by God
84 Iyas Replacement
85 Jabir Comforter
86 Jafar Small stream
87 Jameeh He who supplants
88 Jandal Big stone
89 Jareer Corpulent
90 Jubair Mender
91 Jundub Grasshopper
92 Kaab Noble
93 Khabaab A person who runs
94 Khalid Immortal
95 Khubaib A person who runs fast
96 Khuzaima Gabal Elba Dragon Tree
97 Labeed A great Pre-Islamic poet of Arabia
98 Lais Lion, Polite
99 Lubabah The innermost essence
100 Maalik Owns

323 Muslim Boys’ Names

183 Muqim Resident
184 Murad Desired, Wished for
185 Musadiq Acknowledge of truth
186 Mustaqir Stable, Strong
187 Naem Blessing
188 Nafal Present, Gift
189 Nafil Generous
190 Nahar Daytime
191 Nahran Rivers
192 Najat Success, Salvation
193 Najeed Lion, Brave
194 Naji Rescued person
195 Najm Stars
196 Naseeb Fortune
197 Nasr Victory
198 Nayem Tranquil
199 Nazeer One who brings a warning
200 Nur Light
201 Nusair Victory
202 Nuwair Little flower
203 Owais Little wolf
204 Qaddar Arranger, Organizer
206 Qamar Moon
207 Qanit Obedient
208 Qanitin Pious ones
209 Qarar Calm
210 Qawi Strong
211 Qist Justice
212 Qiyam stand up late at night to pray
213 Raed Pioneer, Leader
214 Raees Boss, President
215 Rafay The exalter
216 Rafeeq Gentle, companion
217 Rafid Helper
218 Raheel To leave
219 Rahil Traveler
220 Rahimin Ones who are merciful
221 Raif compassionate
222 Ramz Symbol
223 Rawasi Mountains
224 Rayan Watered, Plentiful
225 Rayhan Sweet Basil
226 Rayyan Watered, Plentiful
227 Ruhail To leave
228 Ruhan Spiritual
229 Rumaiz Symbol, sign
230 Rushd Well guardedness
231 Sadeed Relevant
232 Sadiqin Those who tell the truth
233 Saed Happy
234 Sahab Clouds
235 Sahib Friend, Companion
236 Saim Lightening
237 Sajidin Prostrating ones
238 Salam Peace
239 Salar Leader
240 Salih Pious

Muslim Double Boys Names

130 Nakash Ahsan Calm, Perfection
131 Nofal ilm Gift, Knowledge
132 Noyal Armaan Brave, Desire, and hope
133 Omar Shaaban One who living long, 8th Islamic month
134 Ozil Miran Gift of God, Princess
135 Raed Kazmi Leader, Linked back to Imam Musa al -Kadhim
136 Raiq Taraz Pure, Decoration
137 Raneem Lahiz Melodious voice, Heaven bird
138 Rayyan Aimen Pretty, Blessed
139 Rohan Afham Kind-hearted, Loving
140 Safil Azeen Helpful, Obedient
141 Saiful Azman Sword of dream
142 Saim Shahazad One who is fasting, Prince
143 Samran Zayn Good friend, Beauty
144 Sanan Haaiz Tradition, Getter
145 Sayhan Ramz Journeyer, Symbol
146 Shaan Sanam Pride, Peaceful, Beloved
147 Shaaz Suwaim Unique, Gold
148 Shayan Taimur Intelligent, Strong
149 Shazil Daniyal King, Intelligent
150 Shenzil Hafeez Knowledge, Protector
151 Shezil Nehan Beautiful
152 Shezin Hamil Powerful, Carrier
153 Shiraz Nahan Sweet, Love
154 Shyan Azaay Prised, the Night breeze
Sihan Zahil
Name of a river, Calm
156 Sihlal Alen Gentle, Flagbearer
157 Siyam Zaahir Fasting, A blooming flower
158 Sujal Sameer Affectionate, Entertaining companion
159 Sumair Zahy Good friend,  Brilliant
160 Sunain Izan Leopard, Submission
161 Suwaif Shaan Patient, Greatness
162 Taha Mehmood Pure, the favored one
163 Tanim Izhan A wave of sea beautiful
164 Wahaj Quraishi Very sparkling, A Muslim family Name
165 Yahaan Adheen World most great
166 Yammen Adam Right Side
167 Yuaan Muhammad Blessings of Allah, Prophet Name
168 Zaad Milan Victory, Handsome
169 Zaanish Azay The most beautiful night breeze
170 Zahan Haim Gift of God, Life
171 Zaheen Mehwish Leader, Moon
172 Zahil Azain Calm, Decoration
173 Zaim Tanish Leader, Gold
174 Zaiqham Ashas Lion, Million
175 Zajil Aimal Great, Hope
176 Zaman Ilm Destiny, Knowledge
177 Zameel Tanish Beautiful Gold
178 Zamil Inan Follower, Status
179 Zayan Ashaz Beautiful, One in a million
180 Zeeshan Zain Respected, Beauty
181 Zeyn Hamd Bright, Praise
182 Zidan Harz Growth, To protect
183 Zohaib Hassan Leader, Good-looking
184 Zohan Uzair Gift, Precious helpful

150 Muslim Boys’ Names

31 Azban Fresh and sweet
32 Azlan Lion
33 Bayan To make clear
34 Dameer Heart, conscience
35 Daneer Full of light
36 Daniyal Intelligent
37 Dayyan A might ruler
38 Diyan Judge, Leader
39 Efaz Helper
40 Elijah Sweet
41 Elzin Thinking
42 Emir Prince
43 Ezin Willing
44 Fadil Generous
45 Fahim Perceptive, Understanding
46 Faiz Successful
47 Farzan Strong
48 Faud Heart
49 Fayek Extraordinary
50 Haadi A leader
51 Haaiz Getter
52 Haim Life
53 Hamal Lamb
54 Hamd Praise
55 Hamil Carrier
56 Hamiz Clever
57 Hamz Intelligent
58 Hanin Affectionate
59 Hawaz Brave
60 Hayyan A live, Awake
61 Hazam Brave
62 Hazin Treasure
63 Hemin Clam
64 Hisham Generous
66 Ibsham Fragrant tree
67 Idrees Smart
68 Iffat Modesty
69 Ihram To enter into a state prohibition or sacredness
70 Ilan To announce something
71 Ilhan Clear voice
72 Imaan Faith
73 Imad Support
74 Inhal To pure
75 Iraj Helper
76 Isaam Promise
77 Iyaan Gift of Allah, Time
78 Izaz Honour
79 Izhaan Beautiful
80 Izyan Intelligent
81 Jasim Beautiful
82 Jasnis Ripe fruit
83 Kazir Plenty
84 Kenz Treasure
85 Keyan Essence
86 Lahiz Heaven bird
87 Layyin Tender
88 Lazim Fitting
89 Lezim Beautiful
90 Libaan Successful
91 Maaz Brave man
92 Mahir Skilled
93 Marzi Beloved
94 Masik Holder
95 Mawan Helper, Ally, Assistant
96 Mazin Rain cloud
97 Mehzen Beautiful
98 Mikal Messenger
99 Milad Birth
100 Miran Princely

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