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3 Minimalist Necklace Ideas in 2022 and Beyond

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise, it is not luxury.” Coco Chanel, a renowned French fashion designer, and businesswoman

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The necklace as a fashion adornment plays a pivotal role in our everyday look. Suspending cute necklace ideas around the neck, you can certainly embrace an enriched look. But, with so many necklace varieties available in the market, it is indeed difficult to choose the right one that can provide you with a gorgeous yet minimalist look.

The trend in the jewelry industry is quite dynamic that keeps on changing, and necklaces are no exception. Therefore, you are expected to keep yourself fully invested in the entire purchasing process. But, not everyone can afford to spend so much of their valuable time and effort on research. 

Therefore, to make your job a lot easier, here, in this write-up, we have handpicked three elegant necklaces to ensure a minimalist look that you can opt for in 2022 and in fact beyond 2022 as well. 

3 Elegant Necklace Ideas in 2022

The following are our top 3 cute necklace ideas for your consideration.

1. The Circle of Life Diamond Necklace

The necklace, made out of white gold and a collection of glistering round diamonds, is an epic illustration of grace and brilliance. The effective combination of minimalist look and solid form factor makes these necklaces a desirable choice to have in your jewelry collection. 

With its sheer style and glow, an alluring circle of life diamond necklace is well capable of transforming your entire look to a whole different level. In fact, you can consider gifting this amazingly beautiful necklace to your loved one on a special occasion like her birthday, an upcoming anniversary, and so on.

2. Multi Shape Bezel Set Diamond Necklace

Why limit yourself to only a specific diamond cut when you have an alternative of a beautiful multi-diamond necklace embellished with diamonds of varieties of shapes?

Yes, you read it correctly—Sabrina A Inc. offers bezel set diamond necklaces featuring as many as five different diamond shapes, such as

  • Pear-shape diamond
  • Heart-shape diamond
  • Emerald cut diamond
  • Oval shaped diamond
  • Marquise cut diamond

All these brilliant-looking diamonds hanging on a slim 14k gold chain brings a picturesque visual providing your neck a stunning look. 

You have the option to go with rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold alternative for this necklace.

3. Two-Tone Diamond Tennis Necklace

Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.” 

This famous saying of Elizabeth Taylor is perfectly illustrated by a charming two-tone diamond tennis necklace. The uniquely handcrafted design coupled with a classy look represents your unique styling sense. To ensure a minimalist look, you can prefer to wear it alone, and this two-tone diamond necklace can very well be your all-weather fashion companion.


Minimalist look symbolizes the confidence and fashion consciousness of an individual. More importantly, you will always feel a sense of comfort in your everyday life by adorning yourself with minimalist jewelry pieces. And, as mentioned at the very beginning, there is hardly any fashion when you are struggling for comfort.

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