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15 contractual advantages of our mixed insurance

by alex

In this article we offered you ten advantages of our life-risk insurance policies.

What if we take the contractual advantages of our life-risk insurance and add the possibility of accumulating savings that will serve as a complement to retirement ?

We would find a Mixed Insurance policy with very attractive contractual advantages for our policyholders and a general condition that is unique in the market:

1.- We fully cover the risk of death without any exclusions. Exclusions for pandemics, aviation, nuclear radiation, navigation, underwater fishing, skydiving, exploration and others are not mentioned in our policies.

2.- It is not necessary to communicate risk changes, neither in our Main Insurance, nor in the Complementary Insurance. This exclusion is common in the sector and creates an intolerable uncertainty for the Insured.

3.- Our indisputability clause is unique in the market since it comes into force after one year, and in all cases.

4.- Rehabilitation. Rehabilitation can be carried out without a medical examination, within six months of having stopped paying the premium, requiring only payment of the late premium and one per thousand of the insured capital as rehabilitation rights.

5.- In the event of an age error, under no circumstances is the insurance contested or harmed to the Insured , even if the policy exceeds the age limits established for contracting.

6.- Automatic advances for the payment of premiums. If a premium is not paid and for a period of two months we do not receive news from the Insured, our Company grants an automatic advance for the payment of the corresponding premium. In this way, the automatic reduction of the capital provided for in other contracts is avoided, which can cause so much damage to the Insured when, due to carelessness or for reasons beyond their control, their family health insurance coverage is reduced when they most need it.

7.- Together with the redemption and reduction also offered by the rest of the Companies, España, SA grants, since its foundation, Extended Insurance. Guaranteed value that allows our clients to continue to be insured in the event of death for the full capital of the policy, without paying more premiums and receiving at the end the part of the savings that had not been consumed, along with interest.

Extended insurance is especially important in those situations in which you cannot continue to pay the premium, and yet Life Insurance is more necessary than ever.

8.- All our policies have a transformation clause that gives them great flexibility, with the capital being able to be increased or the coverage modified retroactively, as if the new operation had been contracted from the beginning.

9.- Throughout the life of the policy , the contracting party may request cash advances at their convenience charged to the settlement value of the insurance, paying interest on the loan granted. This interest does not vary throughout the life of the policy, regardless of the greater or lesser solvency of the contracting party and whether market interest rates may be higher.

10.- Our Complementary X4 of coverage in case of death from any cause is an excellent way to increase or decrease insurance risk coverage in a flexible way.

Up to three X4 complementary policies can be included in the policy, all of them with durations and capitals that are different and independent from those of the main insurance.

This complementary insurance adapts the insurance coverage to the changes in the needs of the Insured during their life cycle, for example, the birth of a child is a good opportunity to extend the death coverage.

11.- With the Appendix of Supplementary Capitals (ABCD) we obtain very significant revaluations of the guaranteed survival capitals. The ABCD is complemented by a Final Bonus that makes our Policyholders revert part of the capital gains generated in our investment portfolio.

The long-term appreciation of policy coverages achieved by this Addendum more than offsets the effect of inflation over time.

12.- The capital can be collected in the most convenient way for the Insured: immediately or deferred, as a single payment, in the form of rent (temporary or for life), or as a combination of capital and rent.

3.- If the death is due to an accident, through the Complementary X3 we cover not only the payment of a double capital in the event of accidental death, but also the payment of a triple capital if the death is due to an accident of traffic.

4.- Absolute and Permanent Disability is covered through the complementary X2. You will not only be entitled to exemption from the payment of insurance premiums, but also to pay a monthly rent of 1% of the Insured Capital from the moment of disability. Thus, even if from that moment premiums are no longer paid, the insurance coverage remains in force and the insured also receives a guaranteed income until the expiration of the insurance.

15.- The combination of all our main risk and savings insurance, with the different types of complementary insurance that improve death, accident, disability and survival coverage, allows us to design a true “tailor-made suit” for each client and family.

These savings and protection coverage can also be implemented in the form of different products that enjoy a privileged tax treatment , such as Life Insurance, Insured Pension Plans (PPA), Individual Systematic Savings Plans (PIAS) or Insurance Individual Long-Term Savings (SIALP).

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