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10 Web Develop IDEs Every Student and Developer Should Have

by sarahgough
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If you are a student learning to create websites, you will need more than just programming skills to become a successful web developer. If you want to develop responsive and interactive websites, you will need multiple tools and frameworks. Finally, if you use multiple languages to develop websites, you should also have multiple IDEs on your PC to compile your codes.

IDE is software that contains all the tools necessary for successfully running a program. Here are 10 IDEs every web development and programming student should have on their PCs:

PyCharm Web Development

If you are a web developer who prefers using Python over other web development languages, then you should install PyCharm right now! It’s the best IDE for Python, and apart from web development, you can use this IDE for many other purposes. While the accessible version of PyCharm only supports Python, the premium version supports other web development languages, providing you with much-needed versatility. The UI of this IDE is pretty simplistic and modern, and it’s ideal for GUI development. PyCharm also checks the quality and correctness of your code in real time and alerts you when you make a mistake.


Netbeans is a web development IDE that is quite popular among JavaScript, Java, PHP, C#, CSS, and HTML5 developers. If you want to develop front-end and back-end codes for modern and easily usable websites, you should use this IDE. It highlights the issues and inefficiencies of your code in a syntactic and semantic manner. Furthermore, as NetBeans is an open-source IDE, multiple refactoring tools can be helpful for web development. You can use this IDE with all major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. However, we recommend you to use its premium version instead, as it offers a lot more features and it’s also less buggy than the free version. You can also find debuggers for different languages in this IDE.

RubyMine Web Development

Remember when Ruby on Rails came out as an alternative web development language to JavaScript and Python? Even though it’s losing popularity, it is still an excellent language for web development. So, if you are bored of using the same languages, you can try out Ruby. However, there are not many IDEs available that fully support Ruby on Rails. Only one IDE is dedicated to web development using Ruby on Rails, i.e., RubyMine. It’s a great IDE supporting other languages like CSS and JavaScript, highlights syntax and logic errors in your code, and has an advanced search for libraries, classes, and files. Besides, understanding the functioning of this IDE is relatively easy.

Komodo Edit

Komodo IDE is a great web development IDE. However, it is a premium and expensive software, so many developers download Komodo Edit, its free counterpart. It’s excellent for PHP, Python, and JavaScript programming. You can use various tools and web development frameworks to help you create highly responsive websites. Whether you are a Windows, Mac, or Linux user, you won’t find any issues while working on Komodo Edit. This IDE also offers multi-screen and split-screen programming for better efficiency and productivity. While Komodo Edit doesn’t offer many features that its premium counterpart does, it is still great software for newbie web developers.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio is Microsoft’s very own programming software which can be used for a large variety of languages. As a web developer, you must have Visual Studio Code on your Windows PC, as it offers the most advanced web development features and tools. Many developers even consider it the best IDE for JavaScript development. It is also great for students who are learning beginner-level programming. Visual Studio Code also offers support for various JavaScript extensions and frameworks.

Brackets Web Development

Brackets is an open-source IDE created by web developers for both back-end and front-end web development. Brackets is a very powerful IDE that offers many features. It is also incredibly lightweight and uses your RAM efficiently. With Brackets’ unique visual tools and technical support, you can develop modern looking and highly functional websites. The best thing about this editor is it is free and open-source software with a supportive community. Apart from JavaScript programming, you can also use Brackets for programming in different languages, including Python, Ruby, Perl, Java, and CSS.


Eclipse is one of the most used web development IDEs available, and if you are a person who develops apps and websites, you should have this IDE installed on your PC. The great thing about Eclipse is it is an open-source, cheap, and community-supported IDE with tools for JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. Developers from billion-dollar companies like GE, Amazon, Walmart, Snapchat, Google, and Facebook have contributed to creating and improving this valuable IDE. Eclipse also offers debugging support for multiple languages.


If you are a front-end web developer who solely works on JavaScript, you should have WebStorm installed on your PC. It’s one of the best web development IDEs made explicitly for JavaScript programming. This IDE is also super smart, as it autocompletes your code and detects syntax errors in real time. You can also integrate it with Mercurial, Git, and Github. Depending on your PC’s processing power, its loading and compilation times are generally low. Also, its efficient UI allows you to develop attractive and user-friendly web apps and pages efficiently. WebStorm also offers multiple debugging and testing tools.


Integration with Github is a feature many IDEs on this list have. However, you can also work on Github’s own IDE, Atom, to develop efficient web pages and apps. You should consider Atom for efficient and productive JavaScript programming due to its massive community of web developers. As programmers, we often run into various problems while coding. Therefore, you can seek help from the developers on Github, as it has one of the largest communities of programmers who help each other out.

Atom works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It comes with a package manager which will help you install all the necessary web development packages and tools into your IDE. You can also customize Atom according to your preference.

Aptana Studio 3

If you are looking for a web development IDE offering hundreds of features and tools with a modern and sleek UI, you should install Aptana Studio 3. You can also create and customize your website’s GUI. Other features of Aptana Studio 3 include a built-in terminal, debugger for multiple languages, deployment wizard, and Git/Github integration. Aptana Studio 3 also offers the autocomplete feature for JavaScript, HTML, and CSS codes. The best part about Aptana is it is an open-source software with excellent community support.

These programming IDEs will also come in handy for solving computer science assignments. However, many students fail to get good grades, and in such cases, they need coursework help online. So, the next time you get a programming assignment, don’t ask your friends to “do my assignment for me“. They might not have the answer either. Instead, you need our coursework help online, where we’ll help you understand complex concepts and score well.

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