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10 Most Instagrammable Places In Turkey

by joshua olatunji

10 Most Instagrammable Places In Turkey


There is no better time to visit the country than now. Among a few of the Instagrammable places in Turkey, Cappadocia is going to be much crowded. Below are some of the 10 most Instagrammable places in Turkey which you can look at.


10 Best Instagrammable Places In Turkey


  1. Kubbe, Istanbul
  2. Suleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul
  3. Lamp shop, Grand Bazaar, Istanbul
  4. Hagia Sophia, Istanbul
  5. Pamukkale
  6. Sunset Hill, Goreme
  7. Galerie Ikman, Goreme
  8. Cave hotel terraces, Goreme
  9. Butterfly Valley Viewpoint, Oludeniz
  10. Blue Lagoon, Oludeniz


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  • Kubbe, Istanbul

Image Courtesy: Unsplash


If you surf through Instagram most of the time, you will find this place has become very popular since the last year. Besides being a picturesque spot, it is also nice and rustic. Several concrete mounds are there, where you can sit and take lovely snaps of the mosques on two sides. Also, during sunset, it becomes a magical spot, so don’t forget to click some during the time and upload it on #mostinstagrammablesplacesinturkey.


  • Suleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul


Image Courtesy: Unsplash


Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul is not that crowded and is less visited by visitors in comparison to Blue Mosque or Hagia Sophia. Witness another world beauty that is a bit more peaceful and less crowded than other mosques. It has a bluish-grey structure, and when the sun falls on the dome, it will seem as you are stepping into heaven. You can take several pictures of this dome as it is a beauty worth itself.


  • Lamp shop, Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

Image Courtesy: Pixabay


The Grand Bazaar easily falls in one of the most Instagrammable places in Turkey and has a wide range of lamps here. Moreover, you can do many things here. You will find the whole place lit by lamps of different colours, sizes, lights and shapes. Here, clicking photos don’t come for free. You have to purchase to take a photo. In every shop, you can see no photo signs hanging around, but even if you don’t want to buy a lamp, you can take a photo in exchange for payment. Additionally, there are some shops with beautiful displays, so wander around all of them before you decide to take one.  


  • Hagia Sophia, Istanbul


Image Courtesy: Pixabay


If you think you have seen the most beautiful mosque in the world, wait till you see Hagia Sophia, one of the most beautiful mosques in the world. One of the most visited sites in the country, crowds and queues can be insane here. If you want a shot with no one in it, get in line before opening time. You can even photoshop people out if you want a people-free picture. 


  • Pamukkale

Image Courtesy: Pexels


If you want frozen snow, water and hot air balloons altogether in one place, Pamukkale is the only Instagrammable place in Turkey where you can find such scenery. But mostly, if you are not lucky, you will find most of the pools dry. The thermal pools that are there make for some beautiful shots during sunrise or sunset. Avoid going there at sunset as you will find much crowd during that time. Moreover, there are a few pools where you can walk along the sides or take a dip in the warm water. The lower geothermal pools will be free of crowds, so it is advisable to engage in a rejuvenating session there.


  • Sunset Hill, Goreme


Image Courtesy: Pexels


As it is evident from the picture, Sunset Hill in Cappadocia is always filled with various shaped and sized colourful hot air balloons. Over 100 balloons fill up the air at sunrise, and this makes Cappadocia one of the most Instagrammable spots in Turkey. It is better to arrive 45-60 minutes before sunrise to get a good spot.


  • Galerie Ikman, Goreme


Image Courtesy: Pexels


If you want to possess a carpet as you have seen in one of Aladdin’s movies, you can find the perfect one among the most perfect ones in the middle of Goreme town. Turkish carpets are love, but nothing comes close to the majestic displays at Galerie Ikman. The same rule applies for shooting here as that of the lamp shop. You can shoot for free if you purchase a carpet. If not, you have to pay 382 INR. They will give you 15 minutes to shoot as this is a working shop and customers come and go continuously. Professional drone shots are also offered by the owner here. Try to maintain the rule, and please don’t try and shoot without paying.


  • Cave hotel terraces, Goreme


Image Courtesy: Pexels


If you were unable to capture the beauty of hot air balloons before, you can capture one from Cave Hill. The cave terrace is a beautiful sight to witness some of the amazing hot air balloons filling up the air. You need to be a guest and stay in the hotel to use the terrace at sunrise. From there, you can capture a thousand shots of hot air balloons.


  • Butterfly Valley Viewpoint, Oludeniz

Image Courtesy: Pexels


When you are in Turkey, don’t miss out on seeing the view from over Butterfly Valley. If you want to see the beach, you need to climb down some rocks for around five minutes. Unless you are super confident in your scrambling skills, don’t go too far as it is exposed. Sunset is the best time to visit this place as the sunlight is magnificent during this time.


  • Blue Lagoon, Oludeniz

Image Courtesy: Unsplash


The Blue Lagoon in Oludeniz along the Turkish coastline is a real beauty. Here, the water is crystal clear and electric blue, which is surrounded by picturesque mountains. Moreover, it is a large area and the section near the beach is the more preferred one. Arrive early if you want to get total serenity. Nevertheless, you will find some spots to take pictures with absolutely no people in them, but they won’t be much peaceful.


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