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10 Features of Microsoft Power App

by vartika
Microsoft Power Apps Training Institute in Noida


Power Apps is a suite of apps, benefits, connectors, and data platforms. It provides a rapid growth atmosphere to create custom apps for your business requirements. PowerApps is a tool that permits you to leverage many of the characteristics of the Office 365 and Microsoft platforms. Power App can be used by experienced developers, it can also be used by non-technical employees such as Business Analysts. Apps made using Power Apps deliver rich business logic and workflow capabilities. It helps to change your manual business operations into digital, automated methods. If you are looking to pursue your career in automation then, you must join Microsoft Power Apps Training Institute in Noida for better growth.

Features of Microsoft Power App:

App Creation without Coding-: To create an easy operating app with PowerApps, you do not require any coding experience. It has a very simple drag and drops interface. All you require is to bring all the details of your app in one place. After all these procedures your app is ready.

Easy Connectivity with other services of Microsoft-: Another reason to utilize PowerApps is the easy method of its connectivity with other assistance of Microsoft like Excel, OneDrive, SharePoint, etc. You can even combine it with non-Microsoft services like on-premise systems and Salesforce.

Canvas Apps-: Design and create a business app from a canvas in Microsoft Power Apps without writing code in a standard programming language such as C#. Develop the app by dragging and dropping elements onto a canvas, as similar you can create a slide in PowerPoint. Make Excel-like expressions for determining logic and operating with data.

Model-Driven Apps-: Model-driven app configuration is a component-focused method for app development. Model-driven app structure doesn’t need any code, and the apps you create can be easy or very complicated. Unlike canvas app development, where the developer has complete control over app layout. With the help of a model-driven app, many layouts are selected for you and largely designated by the features you add to the app.

User-Friendly Interface-: PowerApps reach with an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. You can create a business app effortlessly on this platform even if you don’t have any experience in development.

Connectivity with Cloud-: Power App is very easy and it is easy to connect with cloud services like SQL, Google Drive, and DropBox. You can also link it through MS CDS.

Some Additional Features of MS Power App:

Common Data Service (CDS)-: Common Data Service (CDS) for Apps allows you to store securely and contain data that is useful for any business application. Data within CDS for Apps is kept within a set of commodities. A commodity is a set of logs exploited to store data, equivalent to how a table stores data within a database. CDS for Apps contains a base set of standard commodities that can cover typical methods. Moreover, when you create business commodities specific to your organization and settle them with data using Power Query. App creators can then use PowerApps to create rich applications operating this data.

Sharing-: If you create an app on PowerApps and desire to share it with your co-workers, then you can do it very easily. You can transfer to anyone very easily within the same organization.

Cost-Effective-: Software or app development is one of the costly things a business has to pay. If you like easy business applications but can’t afford developers, simply begin to operate this tool.

Portals-: Power Apps and Dynamics 365 creators can develop a new type of app called Portals. It is helpful to create a website that we can extend to users who are beyond your organization and can sign in with a vast variety of identities, or even scan the range anonymously. Portals also give you the capability to create low-code, responsive websites that permit users to connect with the data kept in the Common Data Service.


At last, Power Apps is establishing itself as an essential utility for creating apps. It helps to fulfill your immediate business need in terms of methodology and workflow. Power App provides immense support and possibilities to find a solution that meets the company’s specific requirements. Many institutes for Microsoft Power Apps Training in Gurgaon will help you to gain more knowledge about this particular training course.

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