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10 Best Eye Makeup Looks for Winter

by hdmakeover

Winter is the season in which your needs change, your tastes change, and even your makeup tips too. Winter is a god gifted perfect season to experiment with new looks, that makes you look more beautiful and charming to live in a winter season.

The eyes are the most sensitive and beautiful part of your body. In winter, makeup brightens you more than in summer. So it is time to deal with the layers of colours and glitter, dark shades and shadow, and much more fun with trending experiments for your eye makeup.

Experiment with Colour and Glitter

Winter is the best time to experiment with colours for your eyes. If you’re to take your makeup to the next level then playing around with the beautiful sharp colours will surely be necessary for you. Some striking colours like metallic silver, highlighter yellow, pink blue, or green will not only draw attention to your eyes, but also will test your makeup skills, and also will encourage you to live boldly.

Shades Of Blue

In cold winter weather, icy blue shades will make your eyes pop up. And will also appeal to everyone towards you. Try dark shades of blue to contrast the brightness of your eyes, and consider layering shades of blue eyeshadow on your eyelids. You could also use black with blue in the inner corner of your eyes to make your eyelid dark and beautiful.

Shimmery Eye Shadow

In Winter, try out shimmery and glittery eyeshadow instead, or try to incorporate them into your looks with the matte shadows and see what interesting combinations you can make up with. If you’re not ready for a full-fledged, sparkly eyeshadow look, then try to use matte shade on your eyelid, but use a sparkly shadow in a similar colour in the inner corner of your eye and the area near your brow bone. The extra light-catching sparkle in the eye shadow will brighten up your eyes just a bit.

An Extra Bit of Glam

To brighten up your eye like a pearl, you can also use pearl or gem appliques, which you can put on the inner corners of the eyes, your cheeks, and below or above your lashes to give your look an extra bit of glam. Winter is  a great time to experiment with metallic colours: especially gold shadows which are not only to celebrate the holidays but are also highly eye-catching.

Extreme Winged Eyeliner

Another interesting trend that makes your eye beautiful is extreme winged eyeliner. This will create a unique look for your winter functions, parties, and holidays. Makeup by completely covering the eyelid with black eyeliner, drag it out into a wing from there will give your eye a perfect look.

Golden Eyelids

Winter is the best time to put on golden eyelids to make your eyes shiny and heavy. You can blend golden with any dark or light shade to make your eye catchy and beautiful.

Darker Shades

During winter, using darker tones in your makeup, especially around your eyes will allow the brightness of your eyes. Pairing darker-toned eyeshadows with dark red lipstick is the perfect winter weather combination .

Illuminated Eye

With all of the dark, golden shades, one of the most important things is to make sure that you are using a highlighter or highlighting shades in the right spots to make your eye illuminated and unique. So you can also add a lighter eyeshadow or highlighting colour to give your eye light-catching sparkle.

Statement Eye

In winter, another beautiful look that you can give to your eye is in the realm of ‘Statement eyes’ that is an eyeshadow with no other makeup look. So those who have uneven skin tones may have this look to be more pretty than ever.

Smoky Eyes

Women can use black and dark shades to accentuate their eyes for centuries, as smoky eyes became popular in the 20th century. So to have a smokey eye first of all you need to brighten up the area under the eyes as much as possible then put black eyeshadow on eyelids. Lastly, you have to put a dark shadow on the outer corner of your lid and along your upper lash line, and then take a blending brush to blend and smoke it out to the rest of the eye area.

Makeup is an art that creates fun and makes you happy. Trends seem that making bold moves with your makeup,while trying to create new looks with the new experimental tools will give you more confidence, and add more charm to your overall style and looks

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